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"Treant" (secret UltraRare subrace)

- require Human (changes Appearance)

BC: Druid(20%)

  • STR +2
  • DEX -4
  • CON +3
  • WIS +5
  • +5 spellcraft
  • +10 animal empathy
  • Free Feat: Armor Skin
  • Damage Vulnerability: Fire: 25%
  • Immunity Damage Type: Cold: 50%
  • Increases Character Size to Large
  • Reduced Base Movement Rate - Slow
  • Speaks: Animal, Sylvan, Treant

Book of races, Treant

Build Notes

A good race for a non-BUR Druid and an excellent race for a non-BUR Shifter of either Wisdom or Constitution types, you can use the small size model to make your character less tricky to move around objects and prevent annoying targeting issues for other party members. The primary negative for this race is you will be SLOW.........REALLY SLOW, unless you can get a Freedom of Movement from a high level caster it will be painful to get from A to B no matter how short the distance is!

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