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Higher Ground Legendary Level System

The Higher Ground Legendary Level (HGLL) System is a script package developed by FunkySwerve

The persistent world of Higher Ground uses the legendary level system, but the system is also available for other player worlds to download and install. The Higher Ground Legendary Level system allows characters to continue to advance in power after level 40. It requires NWNX and NWNX-Letoscript to be installed.

HGLL On Higher Ground

Legendary and Paragon Levels are a mechanism by which your character continues to increase in power after level 40. They are NOT normal levels as recognized by the game engine. On Higher Ground, the functionality of the HGLL System has been greatly expanded to include nearly every imaginable facet of a character from casterlevels, spell penetration, attack bonuses, feats, skills, saving throws, and more!

Taking Legendary and Paragon Levels

Once you have enough experience, you can use the !level command to start the legendary leveling conversation. The leveling conversation is self-explanatory and will walk you through the choices to be made for the level you are taking.

You cannot delevel once you have taken a legendary level. Additionally, all choices made during the process of taking a legendary or paragon level are final when you confirm the selections you have made. If you make a mistake when taking legendary or paragon levels, Reincarnation is the only means to make a change to your character.

Character Benefits

  • Class specific benefits
    • All classes obtain some benefit by progressing through legendary levels. Refer to their individual Class pages to see how those benefits differ.
  • Skills
    • For every legendary level, characters gain their normal allotment of skill points, including racial and intelligence bonuses. They spend them in the usual manner, with class skills costing one point and cross-class skills costing 2 points. Points may be saved from level to level, if desired. Points saved from pre-legendary levels may also be used to buy skills during legendary leveling.
    • For every paragon level, characters gain 3 skill points. They spend them in the same manner as legendary levels, with one exception: characters cannot increase base ranks of a skill beyond 63. They can still buy points in a skill they have 63 ranks in, but those points will only count towards offsetting skill penalties - they will NOT be added to the base skill amount.
  • Feats
    • Characters continue to gain a general feat every three levels, beginning at level 42, 3 levels after the last received at level 39.
  • Abilities
    • During legendary levels, characters gain ability points at an accelerated rate, receiving an additional ability point every 2 levels, beginning at level 42.
    • During paragon levels, characters gain a total of two points in each ability. These points are spread out over the 20 paragon levels, and the order in which they are received is determined randomly (refer to the below chart for additional details).
  • Attack Bonus
    • Characters receive a simulated increase to attack bonus in legendary levels. This is implemented by granting characters 20 additional BAB at level 40, and then placing a -20 AB penalty on them. The penalty will decrease as you gain legendary levels. Depending on your character's control class, you will gain AB in one of three progressions:
      • Tier 1: Barbarian, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Blackguard, Champion of Torm, Dwarven Defender, Weapon Master
        • AB increases at level 42, 43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 50, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 58, 59, and 60, for a total of +15 BAB at level 60.
      • Tier 2: Bard, Cleric, Druid, Rogue, Assassin, Red Dragon Disciple, Shadowdancer, Shifter
        • AB increases at level 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 50, 51, 53, 55, 57, 59, and 60, for a total of +12 BAB at level 60.
      • Tier 3: All other classes
        • AB increases at level 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60, for a total of +9 BAB at level 60.
    • Characters receive +1 BAB every 4 paragon levels regardless of their control class, for a total maximum bonus of +5 BAB. This, like the legendary bonus, manifests as a reduction in the attack penalty stacking with the legendary bonus.
  • Saving Throws
    • Character saving throws increase during legendary and paragon levels, but at a slower pace than before. A character gains +1 to all saving throws every 4 levels, beginning at level 44.
  • Hit Points
    • Characters automatically gain the maximum hitpoints for their class, including a bonus for the toughness feat and any constitution bonuses, during legendary and paragon levels.
  • Spells
    • Casterlevel: Legendary levels count as casterlevels, increasing the power of spells. Paragon levels do not count as casterlevels except in damage calculations for epic and paragon spells only.
    • Spell Penetration: Legendary levels count as levels for the purpose of calculating spell penetration to overcome monster spell resistance. Paragon levels do not provide any bonus to spell penetration.

System Mechanics

Along with the character-specific changes that legendary levels provide, there are some general mechanics governing the system and its integration into Higher Ground.

  • Item Restrictions
    • There are many items in the module that only a character with a certain number of legendary or paragon levels can use.
  • Control Class
    • Several of the benefits of legendary and paragon levels are dependant on the character's 'class'. Legendary levels are NOT considered to be standard levels in a standard class. You cannot, for instance, use them to fulfill level requirements for feats, spells, abilities, and so on - those must all be met by level 40, unless the requirement in question specificaly states that legendary and/or paragon levels count toward qualification. Legendary and paragon levels are, however, influenced by the character's 'Control Class'. It is the Control Class that determines how many hit points and skill points the character receives for Legendary Levels, the availability of feats and skills, and whether legendary levels count towards casterlevel of a given spell. The control class does not have as much weight in paragon levels, but it does still affect some things, such as hit points gained and feat/skill availability.
    • For more information on how this control class is determined, visit the Control Class page.
  • Feat and Skill Availability
    • The Legendary Level system uses standard NWN rules to determine the availability of skills and feats, by treating the character as if they were taking a level in that character's Control Class.
    • Some changes have been made to available feats and skills on a class by class basis. Those changes can be seen on the respective page for each class.

Benefit Summary Table

Below is a table that summarizes the basic benefits each legendary and paragon level does or does not provide and the amount of experience required to reach that level.

Paragon ability bonuses are shown as XXX below. The first paragon ability bonus, gained at level 62, is randomly determined, and sets the order in which the rest of the bonuses will be gained. The order is as follows: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma. If your first paragon ability point gained is Dexterity, for example, the next will be Constitution, and then Intelligence, and so on. The list wraps, so that if your last ability point gained was Charisma, the next will be Strength.

41 	1,000,000 	N 	 	N  		N 	 
42 	1,240,000 	Y 	 	N  		Y 	 
43 	1,520,000 	N 	 	N  		N 	 
44 	1,840,000 	Y  		Y  		N 	 
45 	2,200,000 	N  		N  		Y 	 
46 	2,600,000 	Y  		N  		N 	 
47 	3,040,000 	N  		N 	 	N
48 	3,520,000 	Y  		Y  		Y 	 
49 	4,040,000 	N  		N  		N 	 
50 	4,600,000 	Y 	 	N  		N 	 
51 	5,200,000 	N 	 	N  		Y 	 
52 	5,840,000 	Y  		Y  		N 	 
53 	6,520,000 	N  		N  		N
54 	7,240,000 	Y  		N  		Y 	 
55 	8,000,000 	N  		N  		N 	 
56 	8,800,000 	Y  		Y  		N 	 
57 	9,640,000 	N  		N  		Y 	 
58 	10,520,000 	Y  		N  		N 	 
59 	11,440,000 	N  		N  		N 	 
60 	12,500,000 	Y  		Y 	 	Y 
61      14,000,000      N               N               N
62      15,750,000     XXX              N               N
63      17,650,000      N               N               Y                
64      19,800,000     XXX              Y               N
65      22,250,000     XXX              N               N
66      24,950,000      N               N               Y
67      28,000,000     XXX              N               N
68      31,400,000     XXX              Y               N
69      35,200,000      N               N               Y
70      39,500,000      N               N               N
71      44,350,000     XXX              N               N
72      49,750,000      N               Y               Y
73      55,850,000     XXX              N               N
74      62,650,000     XXX              N               N
75      70,250,000      N               N               Y
76      78,850,000     XXX              Y               N
77      88,500,000     XXX              N               N
78      99,300,000      N               N               Y
79     111,400,000     XXX              N               N
80     125,000,000     XXX              Y               N

External Links

You can download the HGLL system for use on your own server on the Higher Ground Legendary Level System page of the NWN Vault.

To discuss specifics or seek support in using the HGLL System, visit the Higher Ground Legendary Level System section of the forums

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