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These weapons are usable at level 50 and are all random ultra-rare items.

For base damage information for each weapon type, see Category:Weapons. Using the Unique Power on such a weapon will assign it a random elemental and exotic damage type with 5d12 damage each. Once the damage types are assigned, these weapons cannot be re-randomized by again using the Unique Power.

Except as noted the following weapons have a +13 attack bonus.

Name Type
Barbed Devil Spike Assassin Dagger
Blade of the Axerian Guard Bastard Sword
Parting of Lives Battleaxe
Irradiated Branch Club
Pare the Way Dagger
Exoskeletal Extinguisher Dire Mace
Twin Cleaver Double Axe
Sandslicer Double Scimitar
Stout Severance Dwarven Waraxe
Archaic Brand Falchion
Pierce the Heavens Goad
Executioner's Request Greataxe
Cause to Rally Greatsword
Pain at Arm's Reach Halberd
Simulacre Splitter Handaxe
Smasher of All Heavy Flail
Crowning Impact Heavy Mace
Driller of Depths Heavy Pick
Reap what you Sow Kama
Mordicant Incisor Katana
Roll and Strike Katar
Axerian Utility Blade Kukri
Clobberspree Light Flail
Rock Smasher Light Hammer
Rock Splitter Light Pick
Adventurer's Accompaniment Longsword
Battered Spirits Mace
Blunt Reproach Maul
Blade of the Fallen Colossus Mercurial Greatsword
Amorphous Armament Monk Gloves
Urchin's Points Morningstar
Whirling Fates Nunchaku
Ronan Rosewood Quarterstaff
Edge of the Fall Rapier
Claw of the Devariel Sai
Spare Parts Sap
Vashyk's Pride Scimitar
Culling's Augury Scythe
Stab at Thee Shortsword
Empires to Ashes Sickle
To the Point Spear
Grasping Reach Trident
Errant Chance Two-Bladed Sword
Forged Ambitions Warhammer
Axerian Switch Whip
Rings of the Empire Wind Fire Wheel
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