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The Arcane Archer gains bonus integrated damage (meaning it is included in critical hits) depending on the specific bow being used; based on the amount of Arcane Archer levels the character has, including legendary levels (per the table on the right). Combined Bard, Sorcerer, and Wizard levels are counted as 3/5 of Arcane Archer levels for the purposes of calculating this damage, such that a 36 Wiz/3 AA/1 Monk will have (56 * 3/5) ~ 34 AA levels, or 13d8 damage. Using an item with the Farseer's master augment increases the bonus damage dice from d8 to d10. There are various bows incorporating the myriad damage types available to the Arcane Archer. Swapping between these bows to switch damage types is required in order to maximize effectiveness, albeit costly due to anti-exploits causing all attacks in the round a weapon was equipped to miss, until the Arcane Archer acquires the Legendary Archer Bow, which allows players to switch damage types without penalty by using the associated SIMTools !dam commands.

AA Levels Bonus Damage
 1  6d8
 3  7d8
 5  8d8
 8  9d8
12 10d8
17 11d8
23 12d8
30 13d8
38 14d8
47 15d8
Exotic Damage is 2d8 less
Name Level Attack Bonus Damage Types Other Legendary Archer Bow Damage
Phlegethoras DB +16 2d12 Fire, Magic, Negative, Piercing
Bonus Fire
+12 Dex
Immunity: Disease, Knockdown, Poison
Caniar DB +16 2d12 Cold, Magic, Negative, Piercing
Bonus Cold
+12 Dex
Immunity: Death Magic, Level/Ability Drain
Stygias DB +16 2d12 Elec, Magic, Negative, Piercing
Bonus Elec
+12 Dex
Immunity: Paralysis
Minauron DB +16 2d12 Acid, Magic, Negative, Piercing
Bonus Acid
+12 Dex
Immunity: Mind Spells, Sneak Attack
Averno Phleg +16 2d12 Divine, Piercing
Bonus Divine
+12 Dex  !damdi
Dispaion Phleg +16 2d12 Negative, Piercing
Bonus Negative
+12 Dex  !damne
Maladominus Phleg +16 2d12 Positive, Piercing
Bonus Positive
+12 Dex  !dampo
Malbolgion Phleg +16 2d12 Sonic, Magic, Negative, Piercing
Bonus Sonic
+12 Dex  !damso
Nessar Phleg +16 2d12 Magic, Piercing
Bonus Magic
+12 Dex  !damma
Legendary Archer Bow Class Secret +16 Depends upon which bow is active +12 Dex Select using the above commands
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