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These weapons are found after defeating the dragon Mother of all Dragons, also referred to as MoaD. They require the Moad tag to use. Gaining the Mother of all Dragons tag as a proxy does not enable the use of these weapons by the merged toon. For base damage information for each weapon type, see Category:Weapons.

MoaD Weapons have:

 Magic 2d10 damage
 Negative 2d10 damage
 Sonic 2d10 damage
 Enhancement bonus +9
 Ability bonus +2 STR or DEX
 Massive critical 1d12
 On hit: Intelligent weapon level 1 (breach on hit)
 Vampiric regeneration +5

Note: All MoaD weapons Breach on hit which can be extremely useful for removing spell shields on casters and whilst they may not significantly add to damage output they can either be swapped in to use this effect or wielded in the off hand to constantly breach targets if required.

Name Type Acid Cold Elec Fire Sonic Divine Magic Pos Neg Other
Lefty's Dirk Dagger 2d10 2d10 2d10
Half Wing Katar
Retribution's Hand Sai
Kooki's Kukri Kukri 2d10 2d10 2d10
Phandal's Bane Assassin Dagger
Venir's Validation Mace 2d10 2d10 2d10
Skadi Sickle Sickle 2d10 2d10 2d10
Aria's Infamous Inflamer Goad 2d10 2d10 2d10
Lizzie's Lick of Death Handaxe 2d10 2d10 2d10
Major Deathwish Light Hammer 2d10 2d10 2d10
Krago's Notched Pick Light Pick
Scooter's Tooter Sap
Per's PrickerShortsword
Kama of Ihsahn Kama 2d10 2d10 2d10
Grudel's Grievous UpchucksNunchaku 2d10 2d10 2d10
Lash of MaliceWhip
Wu Wheel of Noh Wind Fire Wheel
Rodor's Ravager Club 2d10 2d10 2d10
Dodrudon's TransformerHeavy Mace
Bakchuda's Basher Morningstar 2d10 2d10 2d10
Quinan's Lifequencher Battleaxe
Spike's Enforcer Heavy Pick
Freaky's Flail Light Flail 2d10 2d10 2d10
The Blade of Enrith Longsword 2d10 2d10 2d10
Arf's Avenger Rapier 2d10 2d10 2d10
Scimitar of Father Nature Scimitar
Gavel of Gaduk Warhammer
Bane of Spellcasters Bastard Sword
Java's Axe of Annhilation Dwarven Waraxe
Akuna Makai Katana
Calindra's Lance of Pain Spear
Staff of Kanthea Quarterstaff
Furious Falchion of Flynn Falchion
Greataxe of Mahrke Kalarcan Greataxe
Nordmann's Blade of Doom Greatsword
Halberd of GrogHalberd
Natalya's Flail of Doom Heavy Flail 2d10 2d10 2d10
Ommadawn's Project Ender Maul
The Unspeakable TTrident
Mighty Scythe of AesirScythe 2d10 2d10 2d10
Miles Deadwood Defender Mace Dire Mace 2d10 2d10 2d10
Dacrow's Whirling Deathmaiden Double Axe 2d10 2d10 2d10
Karina's Waterblades Double Scimitar 2d10 2d10 2d10
Skye Blades Two-Bladed Sword 2d10 2d10 2d10
Freya's Fists Monk Gloves 2d102d10 2d102d10 +14AB, Str +6 Dex +6
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