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The following page contains the template for a base damage, and pre-created damage types. To use your own damage type templates, do the following:

  • Start with your brackets {{}}
  • Fill the bracket with the prefix "Dam"
  • Using capital letters and without a space, enter the first letter of the damage subtype
    'P' for Physical
    'E' for Elemental
    'X' for Positive, Magic, Divine and Negative
    'H' for Internal, Vile, Sacred, Ectoplasmic and Psionic
  • Then, using capital letters and without a space, type the first letter of the damage type
    • Your total string inside the brackets should be something like "DamPB"
      • 'P' denotes physical damage
      • 'B' denotes bludgeoning damage
  • You can follow the damage type with '|minor' to signify a minor damage type (e.g. a small vulnerability), '|full' to display the full name of the damage type, or '|short' to use only a single character for the damage type.

You can force one-character display by default by logging in to HGWiki and editing your User CSS page and adding the following:
.hgw-damage-type-char { display: inherit !important; }
.hgw-damage-type-abbr { display: none; }


Physical Damage

Elemental Damage

Exotic Damage

Special Damage


  • ?? - Template
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