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These are weapons found on the various layers of the nine hells, not counting Category:Dis Weapons which have their own category. They all require the tag from the layer they are found on to use.

For base damage information for each weapon type, see Category:Weapons.

Except as noted the following weapons have a +15 enhancement bonus and are Keen.

Name Type Layer Acid Cold Elec Fire Sonic Divine Magic Pos Neg Other
Noxious NeedleDagger Minauros16 16 2d12 2d12
RabbitslayerAssassin Dagger Minauros16 16 2d12 2d12
Casycal's FrenzyKatar Minauros 1616 2d12 2d12
Talon of the Hollow SoulSai Minauros 1616 2d12 2d12
Claw of the BezekiraSickle Phleg 1616 2d122d12
Death's Helping HandGoad Minauros16 16 2d122d12
Red ShieldbreakerLight Hammer Minauros 1616 2d12 2d12
Hellion's HackLight Pick Minauros 16 16 2d122d12
Baalzebul's GoldSap Minauros1616 2d12 2d12
Shadow of ApocalypseNunchaku Minauros16 16 2d12 2d12
Unceasing LacerationWhip Phleg 1616 2d12 2d12
The Eternal RedWind Fire Wheel Minauros 1616 2d12 2d12
Ancient Warrior's EssenceHeavy MaceMinauros 16 16 2d12 2d12
EmberstarMorningstar Malbolge 1616 2d122d12
Ahala's ArcHeavy Pick Minauros16 16 2d12 2d12
Pernicious BiteLight Flail Phleg 16 162d12 2d12
WraithbladeBastard SwordMinauros 1616 2d122d12 Keen,Enchantment bonus +15
DwarfreaperDwarven Waraxe Minauros16 16 2d12 2d12
Stygian RazorKatana Stygia 202d12 2d12 +14
Dev Crit
Over Crit
Anbaric LanceSpear Malbolge 20 2d12 2d12 +14
2d12 Crits
Machine Killer!
Badlander SpearSpearMinauros 16 16 2d12 2d12 Keen,Enchantment bonus +15
Elements of DestructionQuarterstaffMinauros 16 162d12 2d12
Warrior's ZealTridentMinauros 16 16 2d122d12
The Call of JusticeFalchion Minauros 1616 2d12 2d12
Screaming GaleGreatsword Malad 16 162d122d12
Tongue of the Pit FiendHalberd Malad 1616 2d12 2d12
Heavy Flail
Moonbeam's TapperMaul Minauros 1616 2d12 2d12
Crackling WhallopDire Mace Malbolge 1616 2d122d12
AnimosityDouble Axe Stygia 16 16 162d12
Unknown Vindication Double Scimitar Minauros16 16 2d122d12
Eclipsing SoulTwo-Bladed Sword Stygia 1616 2d122d12
Maiming TouchMonk Gloves Stygia 1616 2d122d12 16 bludg
10% phys
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