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Name Inventory Slot Description Hint
Pendant of Procan Amulet Druid Slots Ammy, +1 DC 6 and Below, +1 DC Word of Balance and Antipathy Drop from pt1 mini
The Lone Wolf's Locket Amulet Cleric Slots Ammy, +1 DC 6 and Below, +1 DC Word of Faith, Auto-extend of Healing Circle Drop from pt1 mini
Transmundane Ward Ring Immunity: Charmed, Daze, Sleep
Chaosward Ring Immunity: Dispel Drop from pt1 mini
Red Knight's Rampart Shield +4 STR checks, no slag Drop from pt1 mini
Warlyon's Ward Cloak Battle Cleric cloak, +4 STR checks, +1 to Battletide, Ov&DevCrit Warhammer and Maul Drop from pt1 mini
Bestial Harmony Helmet Shifter helmet with Animal Empathy boost Drop from pt1 mini
Ablation Belt Drop from pt2 mini


Name Description
Spacious Soul Canopic 1 XR redeem token
Crowded Soul Canopic 5 XR redeem tokens
Teeming Soul Canopic 25 XR redeem tokens
Suffocating Soul Canopic 100 XR redeem tokens
Portal Tuner Special: Travel in Limbo
Sirrionite Crafting material
Bead of Ralishaz Crafting material
Blood of Veiros Crafting material
Chaos Roc Feather Crafting material
Fennimarite Crafting material
Voidflame Crafting material
Void Salts Crafting material
Treaded Slaad Tongue Crafting material
Protoflesh Crafting material
Lergfur Crafting material
Stone of the Windrider Crafting material
Voidwind Crafting material


Name Type
Astral Dusk Mercurial Greatsword
Misdoubt Handaxe
Precis Dagger
Strident Trident
Paradox of Blades Katana
Steadfast Dwarven Waraxe
Involution's End Rapier
Argentate Scimitar
Focus Nunchaku
Falsidical Sickle
The Twilight Coil Whip
Dialetheia Assassin Dagger
Way of the Riven Halberd
Night Lance
Evenstar Morningstar
Ways of Parting Heavy Pick
Antinomy Two-Bladed Sword
Veridical Katar
Soulshear Scythe
Learn the Whole Goad
The Falling Shade Maul
Cordcull Falchion
Balanced Moons Dire Mace
Strength of Discipline Kama


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