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Lair of the Ancient Kings (level 40 accomplishment (see Accomplishments)), also contains lots of Undead Guardians which when killed turn into the rather more nasty Umbras and blindness inducing Living Darkness. Any creatures spawned in the area will prevent the portals working so you will need to kill them before progressing. Each king drops a key to open a chest, these contain some level appropriate gear and lots of spell scrolls including some non-scribable ones such as Undeath to Death.


Rest Spawn Chance



  • Ring of the Spellslinger Set Breach immunity ring, drops once per reset, better than nothing but most other sources of Breach immunity have other benefits.


  • Undead Guardian (AB 67)
  • Umbra (AB 92)
  • Living Darkness
  • Ancient King

Strategy & Tactics

The undead guardians have the original NWN style disarm meaning your weapons will end up de-buffed and on the floor, make sure you do not misplace them. The best tactics for this area involve using a cleric to Undeath to Death or Sunburst the guardians then implode the Umbras that form as these are outsiders and cannot be killed with Undeath to Death. Whilst they can be beaten to death Umbras have an annoying death attack that stops your action queue even if it does not kill you due to death magic immunity. They also Mord on hit removing protective buffs unless you have immunity to this effect. Undeath's Eternal Foe is useful to prevent blindness from the Living Darkness, if you do not have access to this use restoration once they are dead to quickly restore your sight.


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