Finding Anduin's Staff Pieces

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Warning >> Spoilers <<

If you prefer to get the full experience of searching for the staff pieces, do not read further.

Rest Spawn Chance


The Forgotten Forest

can be reached by using a Hero Stone on the headstone in Ascension Graveyard. This teleports you to the Swamp of Decay. Go through the Ogre Caverns to reach Forgotten Forest, or more precisely, the map of Hazel's Tower. Forgotten Forest consists of eight maps, Hazel's Tower, the Drow Camp, plus six maps that are arranged like the sides of a cube. You can transition between Hazel and Drow, and from either one into the cube, but not out of the cube. You can port out of the cube with a Gem of Teleportation or with the PC Scry Device. The staff pieces need to be brought to Hazel, so if you are in a party, it is a good idea to let someone wait at Hazel's Tower so you can port there once you found all pieces.

Alternatively if you can find all four different colored forest Garnets, the Hag will teleport you back to Hazel's tower. Each forest garnet is found on a different map, and normally more than once on each map.

Map of Forgotten Forest

This map shows the areas of Forgotten Forest, the transitions between them, the locations of the staff pieces, the forest garnets and a possible path to collect them both.


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