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Greater Smite is an ability available to Paladins, Blackguards, and Champions of Torm, allowing them to call down righteous or fiendish wrath upon their foes.

Acquiring the Ability

Accessing the Greater Smite ability (centering the blast on the player)
Accessing the Greater Smite ability (centering the blast on the player)

Once a character obtains 21 levels of Paladin, Blackguard, or Champion of Torm, they will automatically gain the ability to perform a Greater Smite. Players must relog their character for this change to display in their GUI so it can be used. The Greater Smite ability manifests itself as a touch-range radius blast centered on a target (player, monster, or ground). This ability can be found in the Special Abilities menu, as illustrated in the picture on the right.

Ability Properties

As a touch attack, Greater Smite has the following offensive properties:

  • AB: Equal to the player's level (including legendary levels), plus 1 point for each level of a smiting class (Paladin, Blackguard, or Champion of Torm) taken, resulting in a maximum AB of 100
  • Damage: Damage dice (dX) for Greater Smite are determined by the amount of Great Smiting feats the smiter has:
    • No feats: d4
    • Great Smiting I-IV: d8
    • Great Smiting V-VII: d10
    • Great Smiting VIII-IX: d12
    • Great Smiting X: d20

Greater Smite will do (Charisma Modifier * 4)dX damage of a selected type. The damage types available depend on the class and can be selected with SIMTools commands:

  • Paladin:
    • !damfi - Fire
    • !dampo - Positive Energy
    • !damma - Magical
    • !damdi - Divine
  • Blackguard:
    • !damco - Cold
    • !damne - Negative Energy
    • !damma - Magical
    • !damdi - Divine
  • Champion of Torm:
    • !damso - Sonic
    • !dampo - Positive Energy
    • !damma - Magical
    • !damdi - Divine

Additionally, if the character has 21 levels of Paladin or Blackguard, does not belong to a quasiclass, and possesses the Great Smiting II feat, they will additionally do (Charisma modifier)dX Sacred (Paladin) or Vile (Blackguard) damage. The damage done by Greater Smite will never heal an enemy; if the damage type selected would normally heal an enemy, the enemy will not be affected by the Greater Smite.

  • Usage: Greater Smite is usable an unlimited number of times per day, but it only works if you have smites available. The base time the ability must recharge is 6 minutes, though several feats can reduce this amount:
    • For taking Great Smiting feats (up to Great Smiting X): -20 seconds each (up to -200 seconds)
    • For taking the Extra Smiting feat: -40 seconds

A character with all 11 of the above feats can use Greater Smite every 2 minutes. Resting also recharges the ability. The character must recharge the ability after dying.

  • Important note: a Paladin or a Champion of Torm can target Evil foes. Blackguards can affect any foes they wish.
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