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  • Harper Scout information on NWNWiki[1].

HG Customization

  • Characters with 5 levels of Harper Scout may raise Use Magic Device as a cross-class skill in legendary levels.
  • Bards gain 8 song points per Harper Scout Level.
  • Characters with the Craft Harper Item ability may create Death Ward potions at character level 20, Shadow Shield potions at character level 30, and Greater Restoration potions at character level 40.
  • Secret: Harper Scout (requires Harper Scout 5 to find and use, 35 total levels to find, 40 total levels to use)

Build Uses

  • The Secret benefits mostly: Fighters, Monks, Barbarians, Paladins, Blackguards, Battle Bards, Dwarven Defenders and Lash of Hatred.
    • Other classes, while somewhat viable, lose a lot if they splash Harper Scout.
  • To take full advantage of the bonus feat at Harper Scout 1 and 5, make sure to take the levels after 20, as the Epic Feat list include more useful feats.
    • Great Dexterity usually are the best feats to pick

Class Ability Board[2]

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