Mount P'Reeth - Foothills

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Level 25-30'ish area populated with undead and the minions of the Black Dragon Disciple Knight (level 37 accomplishment (see Accomplishments)) who reside towards the northern end behind spiked barriers which can be broken. Negative energy protection is essential if you don't want to be killed very quickly by the vampires in the area.
There is a high damage large AoE fire trap near the spiked barriers, you will need to be careful about running around here unless you (and fellow party members) have good immunity to this element, the barriers will need to be destroyed with AoE damage whilst the archers fill you full of arrows from the other side. The Black Dragon Disciples will cast Mord at you so protection from this spell is advisable especially if you have buffs you need to retain.

Rest Spawn Chance

Extremely high


  • Vampire Wolf
  • Starving Vampire
  • Cloud Giant
  • Cloud Giant Shaman
  • Elf Thrall
  • Dwarf Thrall
  • Black Dragon Disciple Knight


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