Northern Trader

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Northern Trader
Location/s - Town of Ascension Arctic Wastes

Opposite the Sooty Crow Inn, you will find a man who goes by the name of the Northern Trader. His main purpose is to take passengers to and from the North where you will find the Arctic and other dangerous places.

When you talk to him:

Northern Trader: Greetings adventurers!

1. What are you doing?

2. Later old man.

"What are you doing?":

We have established trade routes to the North. I have brought back supplies including exotic fabrics and items. Be sure to check the shops for new products.

1. Can we sail with you to the north?

2. Cool. Thanks.

"Can we sail with you to the north?":

Well, the trade route is dangerous, and Bywater is beset by orcs and other fell beasts, but i'll be happy to take you nearby. I'm about to leave now, if you'd like to come...

1. No, thanks, i'd rather stay here, i'm not a fan of the cold.

2. Sure, add me to the ledger, lets get going! - This option will take you to the Arctic Wastes.


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