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A round for the bar! I've got some tales of adventure to share.

The Proxy System

With the implementation of Accomplishments and their bonuses, the Proxy system was created to enable characters to go back and "relive" their adventures in order to acquire these accomplishments with the intent of transferring the benefits to their already existing character that can no longer obtain the accomplishments due to having leveled over the maximum level restrictions. The system is simple enough to use, but has a few restrictions.

Creating a Proxy

Speak to the Pillar of light to use a Reincarnation slot when your proxy is finished.
Speak to the Pillar of light to use a Reincarnation slot when your proxy is finished.

A proxy character is created as any normal character would be, but special care must be taken in the creation and leveling of the character if you intend to use it as a proxy for another character:

  • The proxy must have the same race/subrace combination as the target character
  • The proxy must have the same class level breakdown as the target character
  • The proxy must be a new character, it cannot be a reincarnated character
  • Note: Whilst you must comply with the requirements above you can deviate from the feats and skills taken by the character you are intending merging with bearing in mind you you only need to make it as effective as possible at leveling to 40 so the taking of enabling feats such as Blooded, Bullheaded, etc. are not relevant.

Keeping these restrictions in mind, the proxy character is leveled normally and all accomplishments are acquired through the process of doing so, as the proxy combination process overwrites the original characters accomplishments you should not just obtain missing ones or you will find these are the only ones you are left with. Once the proxy character becomes immortal (you will need to take level 41 before you talk to the light), the next step in the process is to make those acquired accomplishments available to merge with an existing character. This is done by using a reincarnation slot; take the proxy character to the Reincarnation light in the Docks of Ascension and reincarnate the proxy character.

Merging Accomplishments

Speak to the Bartender in Rip's to reclaim your accomplishments.
Speak to the Bartender in Rip's to reclaim your accomplishments.

Now that your proxy is occupying a reincarnation slot, it can be used to merge accomplishments onto a target character. To do this, log onto the character you wish to receive the merged accomplishments with and speak to the Bartender in Rip's Wretched Brewery. Order up a round, regale the patrons of the heroics you once performed, and you will find the benefits of those experiences coming back to benefit you!
Note that any existing accomplishments will be overwritten by this process, so take care in how you complete certain accomplishments if you do not want an unfavorable outcome from the merging process.

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