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Deadpool is a green dragon and one of the Pre-LL tags, capped at level 40. In addition, the seal that he drops is one of the requirements to gain access to the Mother of All Dragons (MoAD).


Deadpool's lair can be accessed via the Drow Sewers. The quickest way to get there is by putting a Jade Tooth in the statue in Rip's Wretched Brewery. Then visit the Hermits Den to pick up a replacement Tooth and the Potion of Airy Gas. Run west from the Hermits Den, take a sip of the Airy Gas when prompted (the potion will not be used and stay in your inventory, do not drink it) and you're in Deadpool's lair.

Immunities to fear and mind-affecting spells are required. High immunity to acid damage is also essential.

General Notes

The set ring "Precious" drops in the sewers near the entrance to Deadpool, this has a handy (if short lasting) Greater Sanctuary effect and is useable by any character.

You will take acid damage each round you are in the area.

Strategy and Tactics

One of the more challenging aspects of taking on Deadpool is that it is a no-rest area. However, you can leave the area for a quick rest before taking the last bridge to spawn Deadpool himself.

The jellies and the slimes are vulnerable to Death Magic. Beware, the slimes have a powerful aura that will stun you, if you do not have immunity to either mind-affecting spells or stun. The zombies are undead and can be taken out with Undeath to Death, Sunburst, or ordinary damage spells.

Improved evasion and very high saves make landing most spells on Deadpool nearly impossible. Arcane casters are advised to use Force Orbs, Sonic Orbs, IGMS and epics. If the fight takes too long it also has a Timestop which lasts enough time to kill several party members unless they are extremely well equipped with defensive gear.

Melee characters can pretty much forget about killing Deadpool solo unless they have access to weapons with a very high enhancement bonus and exotic damage types.

As this tag can be gained by immortals it is advisable to tackle it after you have achieved immortality if possible.

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