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Glithildhoul, also known as Prissy or Glith, is a prismatic dragon and one of the Pre-LL tags, capped at level 40. In addition, the seal that she drops is one of the requirements to gain access to the Mother of All Dragons (MOAD).


There are no special requirements to enter the Lair of the Guardians or the Valley of Glithildhoul. You can find the entrance to the Lair of the Guardians at the far end of the Dark Glade, which is accessed via East Road --> The Crossroads --> Plains of War --> Fox Trail.

Immunity to fear is required. Immunity to Prismatic Spray is also useful, as she will cast it repeatedly.

General Notes

Some interesting set loot can be found in these areas, including an amulet of Passwall.

Strategy and Tactics

The Guardians can be killed with death magic and Weird / Rebuke.

It is possible to rest in Glith's lair. Go into Greater Sanctuary so she doesn't follow you, and run to the other side of the map.

Glithildhoul is immune/resistant to some level 7 spells and below, plus all Orb spells (and possibly all Transmutation spells). She also has high resistance to elemental damage. She will cast Prismatic spray repeatedly, so immunity to its effects is highly beneficial. As with all dragons, immunity to fear is required.

Exotic damage works best. Arcane casters are advised to use Meteor Swarm, Horrid Wilting, and epics. For the most part, do not bother with level 7 spells or below. However, Level 4 Vortex of Teeth seems to work well.

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