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  • Turners (Clerics, Paladins and Blackguards) can be the most effective crowd control in the module in certain areas due to their ability to mass stun large groups of creatures and potentially destroy lots of trash mobs with additional uses of the turning function.
  • As a Turner you will likely need to rest more frequently than most other spell casting characters as even with maximum Charisma and extra uses of Turn Undead from specific gear and Feats you will have at maximum about 50 uses per rest and as it takes a minimum of two turns to destroy creatures this effectively halves your number of turns for destruction purposes.
  • However there are certain Cleric spells that have had their mechanics linked to Charisma rather than Wisdom (where your Charisma is greater than your Wisdom) leaving you with some offensive actions you can perform even when you are running low on Turn Undead uses (see below).

HG Customizations

  • Turning in HG works as noted below -
  • Only characters with Blackguard levels can turn creatures of good alignment.
  • Characters with the Planar Turning feat may now buy the Sun, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Destruction, Good, Evil, and Plant domains as feats in legendary levels. These will not add the domain spells associated with taking domains at character creation but do increase the breadth of turning ability.
  • Sun Domain adds +1 per 2 legendary levels for turning undead.
  • Plant Domain adds +1 per 4 legendary levels for turning vermin.
  • An elemental Domain (Fire, Water, Air or Earth) adds +1 per 4 legendary levels for turning elementals, if the Cleric has the Planar Turning feat.
  • An alignment Domain (Good or Evil) adds +1 per legendary level for turning outsiders, if the Cleric has the Planar Turning feat.
  • Destruction Domain allows turning of constructs, see below for mechanics.
  • In addition if you are wearing the Vestments of the Gardenborn and already have Plant Domain this will allow you to turn plant based creatures.
  • If you wear the Slippers of Serenity you will gain an extra four uses of Turn Undead per day in addition to those granted from your Charisma modifier and the Extra Turning Feat, whilst these will not be displayed in the total amount of turns available per rest it will cause a reset to maximum once you have used your first four turns.
  • Turn Undead now has enhanced mechanics and enemies have a Turn Resistance (TR) value proportionate to their difficulty.
  • A turner's turner level is equal to their cleric level. In addition, if the turner has at least 3 levels in Paladin or Blackguard, 2 less than their number of Paladin and Blackguard levels are added to the character's turner level. Further, if the character has Smite Good or Smite Evil uses remaining and the Planar Turning feat, a Smite use will be expended and the 2-level penalty for Paladin or Blackguard will not be applied. Legendary levels count as turner levels, if the control class is Cleric, Paladin or Blackguard. Turner level is further increased by certain cleric domains.
  • A turner may turn a total TR value of monsters equal to (turner level + Charisma modifier) * 3. There are randomized Ego items (named Godswrath) that increase this TR value by 1/3 which are very useful additions to a Turners gear.
  • A turner's destruction DC is equal to 10 + (Turner levels / 4) + (Cha modifier) + (2 within Medium radius or 1 within Huge radius).
  • When rolling to turn, a turner's Turn Power (TP) is equal to their turner level.
  • For all valid targets except constructs, if the turner's TP + d8 is greater than or equal to the target's Turn Resistance, the target will be turned and at this point stunned or feared depending on the !opt turnimob command.
  • As Planar Turning (and the extra domain options associated with this feat) requires 25 base Wisdom it can be beneficial to reincarnate a character when you have achieved Demigod x2 status as this will give you an extra +4 Wisdom and the ability to take Planar Turning after level 60 giving more flexibility for Epic and Legendary Feats.
  • When turned a second time if the TP roll exceeds the target's TR by 10 or more, the target must make a Will save against the destruction DC or be destroyed.
  • NOTE: There are multiple creatures that can only be stunned and never destroyed due to their Turn Resistance value, effectively anything with a TR value of 79 or greater, there is (currently at least) no way of reducing the TR of a creature but certain creatures do have the 'Bolster undead' ability which has the described effect 'All friends in the area of effect have their turn resistance increased by a quarter the caster's hit dice (with a minimum of 1)'.
  • For turning constructs (requires Destruction Domain), the turner rolls TP + Spell Penetration + d20 against the construct's Spell Resistance. If successful, the construct will take 1d3 points of damage per point of TP. In addition, if the turner has the Planar Turning feat, the construct must make a Will save against the turner's destruction DC or be destroyed.
  • NOTE: Constructs will either be damaged or destroyed never stunned or feared by the effects of turning.
  • NOTE: Constructs (including Infernal Machine & Coldforge Construct) cannot be destroyed until all other creatures in a spawn have been killed meaning that repeated turning just causes damage to them and can have 'unfortunate' effects if they have kickback.
  • Targets that are turned but not destroyed will be immobilized (not constructs) and unable to act. If they are damaged, they receive up to one Will save every round (against the turner's destruction DC) to free themselves. Optionally, the targets can be feared rather than immobilized (see below).
  • NOTE: Using !opt turnimob can be quite dangerous as it causes creatures to run away from the turner making melee characters chase them across the map possibly initiating more spawns, however if you need to focus on one unturnable enemy whilst ignoring anything they may summon this option can be priceless.

Charisma Based Spells

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