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Weapon Masters possess unparalleled prowess with their chosen weapons. They can reach the highest AB in the game and make excellent disarmers.

HG Customizations

  • Legendary BAB: +15
  • Ki Reflection: Characters with weaponmaster as their control class who do not belong to a quasiclass and have at least 40 base Strength may acquire a Ki Reflection ability. When toggled on, Ki Reflection drains one use of the Ki Damage power every 15 seconds while providing critical hit immunity. The user may turn Ki Reflection off by using the power again.
  • Additional Skill Options: Legendary Weapon Masters may raise Craft Armor, Craft Weapon, and Parry as class skills in legendary levels.
  • Epic Superior Weapon Focus: Epic Superior Weapon Focus grants a bonus +1 AB with Weapons of Choice at Weapon Master level 29, and a further +2 AB bonus with those weapons at Weapon Master level 30.
  • Superior Disarm halves the time delay for reuse of the Disarm ability
  • Superior Knockdown halves the time delay for reuse of the Knockdown ability
  • Superior Weapon Focus: Superior Weapon Focus grants a bonus +1 AB with Weapons of Choice at Weapon Master 10.
  • Note: It is possible to focus on Dexterity rather than Strength as the primary stat. Whilst this effectively removes access to the Ki Reflection ability it does open some other options and can significantly increase the maximum AC you can achieve and make it easier to maximise parry skill giving you overall higher critical hit resistance. It will not adversely affect your ability to Disarm or Knockdown opponents.

Types of Weapon Master

Weapon Masters have high AB even if they don't max their main stat. This allows them to increase their Dexterity for more AC and to make high ability score checks (such as Malebranche KD). High AC from Dexterity also makes it possible to dual wield, use double weapons or large weapons for even more damage without impacting defense much. These builds make excellent tanks. The downside to this type of build is that since their AB is lower, they are not very good at disarming.

Weapon Masters that are built to use Disarm effectively will maximise their Strength or Dexterity score so their AB is as high as possible (it is what determines if you disarm an opponent). This occurs at the cost of the alt stat and the ability to make associated checks but if you have access to one of the primary WM races such as Kolyarut or Half-Guardinal it can still be possible to unitank it.

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