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An ability check is a check of 1d20 the appropriate ability modifier. A roll of 1 does NOT automatically fails.

How much ability check protection is needed

There are many minor checks, however, for STR and DEX, the aim is normally to become immune against Malebranches and Pit Fiends:

  • Malebranche: Dexterity Check: DC 40 + BAC/2 vs KD, Dexterity Check: DC 42 vs Death (Toss attack: Levitation protects against that)
  • Pit Fiend: Strength Check: DC 44 - BAC/2 vs KD

BAC= Base Armor Class.

Examples: A monk or staffmaster in robes (BAC = 0) needs 40 DEX, Levitation (or just 42 DEX), and 44 STR to be save (called "uni-tank)". A tank in plate armor (BAC = 8) need 44 DEX, Levitation (or just 46 DEX), and 40 STR.

For CON: Brachinas have Con Check: DC 34 vs Death

For paragon monsters, the check is increased by 4 for each paragon rank. For example, if a normal Malebranche does a DC 40 Dex check, a Paragon will do 44, Superior 48, and Elite 52.

How to increase ability check chances

  • High ability base stats, obviously
  • Ability Check Gear
  • Paragon Ability Check Feats. They give +4 to an ability.
  • +14 Gear (+2 over normal +12 gear)
  • Demigod bonuses give +2 for demigod and +4 for double demi
  • +16 gear from Asmodeus artifacts and Abyss set loot
  • Becoming an demigod can greatly increase ability check chances: +16 gear, demi bonuses and Asmo gear The Serpent's Coil gives +8 to STR and DEX checks in total.
  • Paragon Ability bonus (+2 max)
  • Bard Epic "Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken" makes the Bard immune and gives +10 to ability checks against knockdown (but still fail on 1) for allys.
  • Dwarven Warchanter quasiclass's Warcry gives +8 to stat checks vs Knockdown to the Warchanter
  • Herald of Storms quasiclass's Ability Spells give up to +3 stacking bonus
  • Druid Paragon Necromancy Spell - Stolen Lifeforce Gives an additional temporary +2 to all abilities (up to a maximum of +20)
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