Arcane Archive

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Arcane Archive

The entrance to Arcane Archive can be reached by following the path Docks of Ascension > Arctic Wastes > Arctic Enclave > Arctic Valley > Arcane Archive. The area is designed for roughly level 48 and has some loot that will only drop if no one has ever entered any of the areas at any level higher than level 56.


There is no limit to the level you can enter or fight mobs in The Arcane Archive


There are no area specific penalties for Arcane Archive.

Recommended Immunities

  • TBA

General Notes

  • The run is a free rest zone, Immortal characters will not fugue or limbo in Arcane Archive.
  • Spawns in Arcane Archive are dynamic, the larger the party the more creatures spawn, making it suitable for solo or low number groups.
  • Loot drops spawn in containers.


  • TBA

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