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  • Barbarian information on NWNWiki.

Barbarians are excellent tanks and can achieve very high damage output.

HG Customization

  • Legendary BAB: +15
  • Forum Class Ability Board
  • Legendary Ability Bonuses: Legendary Barbarians receive +1 Strength or Dexterity (depending on whether or not they have Weapon Finesse) at legendary levels 45, 50, 55 and 60. In addition, at the same levels they gain +1 Constitution.
  • Physical Immunity: On achieving legendary levels, legendary Barbarians gain 1% immunity to physical damage for every two points of Strength modifier they have.
  • Shapestrong Rage: At Barbarian 30 and total character level 35, characters can acquire the ability to enter Shapestrong Rage, which will allow them to change size at will. Shapestrong will make Medium size characters Large, all other size characters will become Medium. Using the Shapestrong ability again will return a character to their normal size, as will logging out and back in.
  • Additional Skill Points: Barbarians receive an additional skill point per level. Skill points for levels prior to 41 will be granted upon taking level 41 at the Altar of Legends.
  • Barbarian Rage: Greater Rage now grants:
    • +1 regeneration for each Barbarian level above 40 (including LL).
    • In addition, for legendary Barbarians with at least 40 base Strength, Greater Rage grants temporary immunity to critical hits.
  • Mighty Rage: Adds your current Constitution modifier directly to your physical damage.
  • Terrifying Rage: Foes must succeed in a Will save against (Intimidate skill / 2) or be adversely affected. Creatures less than (Barbarian level including LL) HD become panicked, and creatures up to (2 * Barbarian level including LL) HD they receive -2 to AB and saves. Duration increases to 2d3 rounds at Barbarian 41. Pure Barbarians can affect creatures of any HD.
  • Thundering Rage: Adds (Barbarian level including LLs / 5)d10 sonic damage. This damage does not stack with any existing sonic damage on wielded weapons. Thundering Rage no longer causes on-hit deafen.

Barbarian Types

Barbarians nearly always focus on Strength as their main stat to maximize their damage output, qualify for rages and obtain immunity to critical hits. Many will distribute spare points into Dexterity to make a sturdy and effective uni-tank. Most Barbarians use a Large weapon, since with Shapestrong they can still use a shield, allowing them to maintain very good AC and high damage. For something completely off beaten track and assuming you have access to the Pharlan race have a look at the Fizzle build as this allows you to melee on without having to worry about most of the spells enemies will cast at you.

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