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Artifcer's Monograph perform some of the functions available at the Forge of Ixion.

Name Function
Artificer's Monograph: Item Normalization De-randomizes an item
Artificer's Monograph: Property Removal Removes one random added property
Artificer's Monograph: Property Restoration Restores one random removed property
Artificer's Monograph: Armor Restoration De-randomize an item' AC
Artificer's Monograph: Property Reconfiguration Re-randomize an item
Artificer's Monograph: Augment Extraction Extracts Augmenters of UR and lower quality from an item and deposits them in your inventory for future use
Artificer's Monograph: Augment Destruction Erases one Augment Note: This has been removed from the loot tables although historic copies may still exist

NOTE: The Reconfiguration & Normalization books are (currently at least) the only way to completely reconfigure an xR item therefore these books have extremely high trade value.

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