Create Greater Undead

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Caster Level(s): Cleric 8

Innate Level: 8

School: Necromancy

Descriptor(s): Evil

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Short

Area of Effect / Target: Point

Duration: 24 Hours

Additional Counter Spells: Sunbeam

Save: None

Spell Resistance: None

Description: The caster brings a powerful undead creature into being, The type of undead is based upon the caster's level. Under level 15: Vampire Level 16-17: Doom Knight Level 18-19: Lich Level 20 Greater mummy.

Notes The creatures created by the Create Greater Undead spell scale up in power as the caster gains levels and Necromancy foci, beyond the normal scaling of creature type by level, varying slightly in power from casting to casting. At level 40 and beyond, the Create Greater Undead spell creates a variety of powerful undead, The power of the creatures depends on caster level, spell level (8), Necromancy foci and random chance. More powerful creatures are created as these factors increase and they continue to scale up in response to these factors.

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