Creeping Doom

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Caster Level: Druid 7, Cleric with plant domain 7

Innate Level: 7

School: Conjuration

Descriptor(s): Piercing, Damage over time

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Medium (20 metres)

Save: None

Spell Resistance: No

Area of Effect/Target: Large (5 meter radius)

Duration: 1 Round / level

Description: The caster summons a mass of biting and stinging insects which causes 1d6 points of Piercing damage, the damage increases by +1d6 per 10 CL over 20, +(Animal Empathy / 10). For every subsequent round that a creature remains within the area of effect, the damage inflicted is increased by an increment of 1d6 (i.e. 1d6 for the first round, 2d6 for the second, 4d6 3d6 for the third, 7d6 4d6 for the fourth, and so on). The spell deals damage until its duration expires or it deals 1,000 points of damage, maximum damage increases by +100 per 3 CL over 20 to CL40, then +100 per CL over 40, reaching 1600 at CL38 and 3600 at CL60. Inflicts 1% physical damage vulnerability per round per Illusion focus. Total vulnerability is capped at (Illusion foci * 5)%.


The spell description is misleading with its mention of remaining in the area of effect. The number of dice rolled for damage is increased each round regardless of the presence or absence of creatures to which such damage will be applied. Furthermore, the increase is always 1d6, not an increasing increment.
The spell also inflicts 1d20 Piercing damage to a creature upon entering the insect swarm (which does not count against the damage limit) and applies a 50% movement speed decrease for as long as the creature remains in the area of effect

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