Drow Sewers

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Drow Spiders (have a DC19 instadeath poison attack) and Spitting Crawlers make their home here, True Seeing is a requirement if you don't want to run around blindly. The Spitting Crawlers can have slagging effect on metal equipment so kill them fast with spells or ranged/non-metal weapons if you don't want the expense of having to recover them. The Shadow Demons can posess your character if you fail the save leaving you unable to do anything, they also have high conceal making them tricky to melee, the Sunburst spell instantly kills them even if cast from a scroll.


Rest Spawn Chance

Very High


  • Precious - Handy ring with short lasting GS effect


  • Drow Spider
  • Drow Spiderling
  • Spitting Crawler
  • Shadow Demon


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