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Dwarven Defender

  • Dwarven Defender information on NWNWiki.

Dwarf defender are sturdy tanks that can dual wield weapons with bonus AC (specifically the Dwarven Waraxe).

Changes on Higher Ground

Defensive Weave

  • At dwarven defender level 11, the character gains the ability to perform a manuever similar to the Defensive Stance, the Defensive Weave. Experienced dwarven defenders have little use for the Defensive Stance they rely on so heavily during their early training, since their own defense has become second nature to them. Instead, many opt to enter into the Defensive Weave, in which they whirl rapidly from stance to stance at alarming speed, forming a moving barrier of shield and armor. Any foe attempting to strike them in melee combat will take 1d6 points of bludgeoning damage, plus 3 points per 2 dwarven defender levels. Each use of the Weave uses up one Stance use; it may only be used if there are Stance uses remaining. The Weave lasts for 2 rounds per level of dwarven defender. Legendary levels count as dwarven defender levels for the purposes of damage and duration of the weave, making it cap at 75 + 1d6 damage and 100 rounds duration at dwarven defender level 50.

Dwarven Waraxe Shield AC

  • Dwarven Defenders receive one point of bonus Shield AC on any dwarven waraxe they equip for every point of Constitution Modifier they have, up to a maximum of +18 AC at 46 Constitution (including up to +16 Constitution from items).

- This benefit is not received if the Dwarven Defender has more than one level of Ranger.

Bonus Stat Points

  • Dwarven Defenders gain 1 point of Strength and one Constitution for every 5 legendary levels

Natural AC Bonus

  • On achieving legendary levels, a character with dwarven defender as their control class gains a natural AC bonus of +1 per STR bonus, to a maximum of +20. If the character has levels in Red Dragon Disciple, the maximum bonus is lowered by their RDD AC bonus, but no lower than +16. This facilitates the use of amulets and necklaces with no added natural AC modifier such as Nature's Squirming Coil & Chain of Solidarity.

Physical Immunity

  • On achieving legendary levels, a character with Dwarven Defender as their control class gains 1% immunity to physical damage for every point of Strength modifier they have. This can (with the inclusion of decently randomised gear) allow physical immunity of greater than 100% which can help reduce the impact of environmental penalties associated with certain legendary areas.


  • Characters with Dwarven Defender as their control class who do not belong to a quasiclass and have at least 40 base Strength may expend a use of Defensive Stance to enter Stoneguard. As with Defensive Stance, the Dwarven Defenders movement speed will be changed to Very Slow. The speed malus ends immediately after exiting Stoneguard. The Defender receives all the benefits of ordinary Defensive Stance and in addition is immune to critical hits and knockdown while the effect is active.

Dwarven Defender Types

For added defensive benefits, splashing levels in Red Dragon Disciple (or other colour) enables the Dwarven Defender to take advantage of the absolute element immunity feature of the XDD.

Splashing fighter or other Tier 1 class levels (which can be used in qualifying for Dwarven Defender initially) offensively augments the Dwarven Defender's resilience and can allow the Weapon Specialization feats for significant extra damage per hit.



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