Flame Strike

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Caster Level(s): Druid 4, Cleric 5

Innate Level: 4

School: Evocation

Descriptor(s): Fire/Slashing(loot breaking)

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Medium (20 metres)

Area of Effect / Target: Medium (3.33 metre radius)

Duration: Instant

Additional Counter Spells:

Save: Reflex 1/2

Spell Resistance: Yes

Description: All creatures in the area of effect take 2d6 Fire plus 1d6 Fire per 3/4 CL caster levels and 1d6 Slashing damage with the Fire damage boosted by lore


There are two saving throws, one for each damage type. This spell can be used to destroy static trees in Azzagrat and Rona significantly improving visual range.

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