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Every time you die on Higher Ground a 5 minute timer is started. If you are dead when one of these timers expires you will respawn. Respawning has three different outcomes depending on area and achievements. You might stand up or end up in either of Fugue or Limbo.


Fugue is the respawn punishment for characters who have not defeated the Immortal and hence are not Immortal themselves. Once a character becomes Immortal they can only fugue on certain extraplanar Legendary Level Runs e.g. the Ssithrak Dimension and Penumbra (Fugue Zones). In non-fugue zones 5 minute timers are still started for each death, but if you are dead when one expires you will simply be resurected on the spot, and can immediately rejoin the fight.

When you are sent to Fugue you will lose Gold and XP. Further one of your items becomes a Ghostly Echo and will be unusable for 24 hours, see below for a more detailed explanation of Ghostly Echoes. Talking to the Old Man ports you back to town and if the party is in a port zone, you can port straight back to them. If you fugued from a no port zone such as the Ssithrak Dimension or Penumbra returning to your party becomes very difficult.



Areas such as the Hells, Elysium and Aboleths are limbo zones. This works similar to Fugue zones except if you are dead when a timer expires, instead of being sent to the Fugue, you are sent to Limbo. Both Immortals and Demigods are subject to limbo and there is no protection against it (apart from not dieing). As with Fugue, upon respawning and entering Limbo you will lose Gold, XP and one item becomes a Ghostly Echo.

Limbo is actually a very big maze (one map but rotated in 4 different orientations) you must navigate to escape. Somewhere on the Limbo map is a portal (it changes each time you enter) that you must find to return to your party. In between you and the Portal are lots of walls, many of which are invisible. Some of the visible walls can be destroyed (melee, damage spells). You can also use a Potion of the Third Eye to determine which walls are breakable. Once found, the Portal will return you to the Party Leader, assuming they are on the same map you went to Limbo from. If they are anywhere else you will be returned to town instead.

You can skip finding the portal if you have a Stone of Succor or Apport Arcane. These will port you to the party leader from Limbo without the need for finding the portal. They are excellent to have in boss fights where you need to get back to the party immediately. Just make sure the Party Leader is indeed not in Limbo with you or in the Pocket Planar Dimension.

If you happen to be hopelessly lost, maps of the Limbo Maze can help.

Ghost Items

Base Restoration Costs
Level Cost
10 and lower 1,000 gold
20 10,000 gold
30 100,000 gold
40 1,000,000 gold
50 10,000,000 gold
60 100,000,000 gold

Each time you enter Fugue or Limbo one of your equipped items becomes a Ghostly Echo and will be unrecoverable for 24 hours (Note: Module changes mean that if you complete the run you were on and exit the portal at the end you will be able to recover your item without the 24 hour delay on talking to Zerial). After 24 hours (real time) have passed you can have this item repaired so it is usable again. Characters without any Hell tags need to talk to the Priest of Lathander to have an item repaired. Characters with Hell tags must talk to Zerial the Chronomancer to have their item repaired. The base cost of repair depends on the level of the character wearing the item when they fugued/limboed, although this cost can be reduced up to 30% using the Appraise skill.

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