Glyph of Warding

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Caster Level: Cleric 3

Innate Level: 3

School: Abjuration

Descriptor(s): Sonic

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Short (8 metres)

Save: Reflex 1/2

Spell Resistance: Yes

Area of Effect/Target: Large (5 metre radius)

Duration: 1 Turn / level

Description: The caster creates a small, magical zone that can detect the passage of enemy creatures. When the field is activated, it explodes, doing (CL / 2)d6 Sonic damage, boosted by Lore, with no cap to all creatures within the area of effect. If the glyph remains set for at least one round, it receives +(Abjuration foci * 3) SP. After being triggered, the glyph dissipates.


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