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The Hall of Training, colloquially referred to as the Test Chamber, is a place on Higher Ground where you can test out your character build prior to using it in the game world. It is a great place to test out new abilities and see first-hand the impact of changes without having to go through the process of leveling up a character in the game world. Characters created for the Test Chamber can never leave unless deleted. Note: You can only create test characters for races you have tagged to the account you are using.

Using the Hall of Training

Leveling up a character with experience granted by the Trainer
Leveling up a character with experience granted by the Trainer

In order to enter the Hall of Training, your new character must have [TEST] somewhere in their character name; it does not matter where, but for simplicity's sake you may just want to put it at the front of the first name. Once you are in the Hall of Training, you will want to speak with the Trainer in front of you in order to start the process of creating your test character.

The Trainer

The Trainer provides you with several options for customizing your character:

  • Changing level: By adding and removing experience, the trainer will put you at whatever level you desire. Simply choose this option, speak the level you wish to be, and it shall be so.
  • Changing alignment: Making a radical class change midway through your character? Use this option to fine-tune your alignment to exactly where it needs to be.
  • Deleting your character: When you're satisfied with what you have created and are ready to take your build out and level it up in the real game world, use this option to delete your test character. No one likes a cluttered character vault.
  • Buffs, equipment, or ability tokens: For fully testing the capabilities of your character, you may want to see how they perform with the tools they'll have in the field. The Trainer will supply you mundane versions of what you desire. But what would you use them on, you might ask? Continue on to...

The Combat Room

Testing out combat abilities on a Test Monkey
Testing out combat abilities on a Test Monkey

If you follow the lighted arrows down the hall (there is just the one, hence the singular Hall of Training), you'll find an oddly placed Chain that will spawn for you a Test Monkey. The Test Monkey is a hostile creature that has had its AI disabled, so you are free to beat it up to your heart's content. If you manage to kill it (and I certainly hope for your sake that this is not a terribly difficult task), do not despair over the loss of your punching bag, for you can simply pull the chain to summon another Test Monkey to accept your vicious attacks! Only one Test Monkey can be in the Hall of Training at a time.

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