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Caster Level(s): Assassin 4, Cleric 4

Innate Level: 4

School: Necromancy

Descriptor(s): Evil

Component(s): Verbal, Somatic

Range: Medium

Area of Effect / Target: Single

Duration: Instant

Additional Counter Spells:

Save: Will and Fortitude

Spell Resistance: Yes

Description: The caster summons the power of his diety to rip the still beating heart from a living creature. The target may attempt a Will save to resist the caster's call, and if failed, must make a Fortitude save or die instantly. A successful Fortitude save still inflicts 3d6 points of damage. Only immunity to critical hits or Devastating Critical protects from this spell. Both DCs receive a +5 bonus.


Can only be used by casters of an evil alignment.
There are multiple creatures who's paragon iterations are still vulnerable to this spell whilst being immune to the higher level Implosion, eg Erinyes Vitiarch, Spinarch, Kyton Legionaire, etc.
Whilst this is an Assassin class spell it will (in most if not all cases) be ineffective due to lack of caster levels (maximum 50), primary stat (would be cast with Int), spell foci and spell penetration.

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