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These are the Arcane Paragon Spells.

You must have the Paragon Spell Knowledge feat, along with either the Paragon Spell Focus or wizard specialization (and Legendary Spell Focus), for the respective school in order to cast these spells.

Conjuration: Mordenkainen's Psionic Cascade

  • Description:
  • Effect: Creates a chaining damage effect on all enemies in a gargantuan area of effect, dealing 3d10 psionic damage per casterlevel.

Divination: Rary's Exacting Lens

  • Description:
  • Effect: Non-boss enemies in a gargantuan area of effect are stripped of critical hit immunity. Those losing critical immunity will still be somewhat resistant to critical hits, and will still not be subject to assassin Mortal Strike.

Necromancy: Bigby's Astral Grasp

  • Description:
  • Effect: All enemies in a colassal radius around the caster must make a fortitude save vs. death magic or be slain. For each slain creature, a dead party member will be resurrected with 1,000 temporary hit points per slain enemy, divided by the number of resurrections.

Enchantment: Otiluke's Refracting Field

  • Description:
  • Effect: Grants the caster's party protection from damage kickback from enemies, halving the kickback they receive for 6 turns.

Abjuration: Drawmij's Preclusion

  • Description:
  • Effect: Blocks all summoning in the area for one round per six caster levels. There is also a visual effect around summoning targets when summoning is blocked, letting you know the spell is working..

Evocation: Karsus' Avatar

  • Description:
  • Effect: The caster drains the power of a deity for the duration of the spell. For a turn, all the caster's spells are auto-extended, empowered, and maximized, and have 2 dc added.

Illusion: Otto's Merciless Nightmare

  • Description:
  • Effect: All enemies in a collasal area are trapped in a double-duration maze, with no saving throw.

Transmutation: Tenser's Perfect Mantle

  • Description:
  • Effect: The caster creates undispellable spell mantles on the party, which absorb up to 100 spell levels before breaking, and grant 10% immunity to magical damage. The mantles last 1 turn per 2 casterlevels.
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