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These are the Cleric Paragon Spells.

You must have the Paragon Spell Knowledge feat, along with either the Paragon Spell Focus or wizard specialization, for the respective school in order to cast these spells.

Abjuration: Permanency

  • Description:
  • Effect: Renders the party's weapons, armors, and shields unslaggable and indestructible for 3 turns.

Conjuration: Summon Sphere of Annihilation

  • Description:
  • Effect: Summons a sphere of annihilation for 3 turns.

Evocation: Moonfire

  • Description:
  • Effect: All creatures in a gargantuan radius around the targeted location take 3d6 per casterlevel sacred damage (or vile damage if the caster is evil), with a reflex save equal to the caster's paragon level for half damage. Affected monsters are afflicted with a 15% miss chance for one turn.

Necromancy: Eradicate

  • Description:
  • Effect: Instantly kills any one non-boss creature, without a saving throw.
  • Note: Eradicate has 5 minute cooldown timer.

Enchantment: Divine Fervor

  • Description:
  • Effect: Casts divine power on the party, with a bonus +1 attack for the caster (totalling +2).

Transmutation: Tempered Arms

  • Description:
  • Effect: The caster enchants the party, preventing their blows from healing enemies who would otherwise heal from the party's weapons' damage types. The effect lasts for 5 turns.

Divination: Serendipitous Forethought

  • Description:
  • Effect: The caster's party is granted a limited ability to see a short time into the future, allowing them to take 10 on all save checks if that would make the saving throw successfully; if it would not, it permits you to roll twice and take the higher of the two rolls for a turn. All enemies in a huge area of effect have a -12 penalty to saving throws for a turn.

Illusion: Time Flies

  • Description:
  • Effect: The caster alters enemies' perception of time, making their enemies' movements appear incredibly fast. This grants the caster's party 85% conceal and Epic Dodge for 2 turns.
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