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Similar to farming, Powerleveling is repeatedly adventuring in an area or areas in order to gain experience. Typically the areas are easy to adventure in and the experience gained there is good. However, powerlevel areas are deliberately short on random loot.

Example: "You're supposed to use a level 8 sorc with one level of druid for animal empathy and invisibility (bandits don't have true seeing so invisibility is all you need, not gs) for East Road. You level there to around 10-12. Then you hand off to a sorc with necro foci and UtD at level 16-18 and farm PoW. Then when you get to around level 18 you can hand off to a level 24 sorc that farms Zhents. Then when you reach level 24 you want to go to bone hoard where a level 30 sorc with evo focuses and sunburst will carry you through to 34. When you reach 34 you go to an LL run with a level 60-80 to carry you. Used to be desert but they made that require immo, so now Uro is your best option."

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