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  • Purple Dragon Knight information on NWNWiki[1]
  • Class Ability Board[2]

HG Customization

Several abilities have been changed:

  • Knightly Valor: Having 4 or more PDK levels now grants you Tier 1 Legendary AB regardless of your control class.
  • Fear: The PDK Fear spell has been changed to an AC penalty effect of (Hit Dice including LLs + 1) / 8. The AC penalty does not stack with curse song. Fear now has a DC check, equal to 15 + PDK levels + Strength Modifier + Dexterity Modifier. Its duration has changed to 2 rounds per PDK level and it now gets one use per day per PDK level.
  • Final Stand: The PDK Final Stand feat has been given 2 additional uses per day. Instead of granting temporary hit points, it brings all allies in a Large radius to their feet, removing knockdown effects. The radius increases by 1m for every 6 points of Charisma modifier the PDK has, up to a maximum of double the normal radius at 70 Charisma. Final Stand is usable even when the PDK is knocked down.
  • Heroic Shield: Heroic Shield is limited to one ally at a time in the same area as the PDK, has a duration of 4 rounds per PDK level and grants (PDK level + 1) Dodge AC to the targeted ally.
  • Inspire Courage: PDK Inspire Courage grants warchanter song / artifact-level fear immunity in addition to its normal effects. Its duration has been extended to 5 rounds per level of PDK, and a second use per day has been added.
  • Oath of Wrath: The PDK Oath of Wrath feat grants critical immunity versus the racial type of the enemy chosen for the duration and gives a re-roll on ability checks (NOT saves) vs. the targeted race. PDKs get a second use per day at PDK level 5. The duration doubles to four times the character's PDK levels at level 41.
  • Rallying Cry: PDK Rallying Cry grands 1 bonus attack per round. The duration has been increased to 1 round per point of Charisma modifier. If the character has 41 or more hit dice and 5 levels of PDK, then the duration is doubled.

Build Usage

  • Since several abilities take charisma into consideration, it makes more sense to use this class with higher charisma characters like Paladins, Blackguards, Bards or even Smiters.
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