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Thieves, thugs and spies, rogues are nimble characters, adept at sneaking around enemies and hitting them where it hurts most. Rogues also possess several very valuable skills such as the ability to disable traps and unlock chests.


HG Customization

  • Legendary BAB: +12
  • Forum Class Ability Board
  • Languages: Rogues can speak Thieves' Cant. To speak it, use the command /l cant [message] to speak a single line in Cant, or !speak cant to speak it until you !speak another language or opt to !speak common.
  • Legendary Ability Bonuses: Legendary Rogues gain +1 per 5 legendary levels to Dexterity.
  • Rogues get innate Treasure Scent, 1 point per 30 class levels (inc LL) to a max of +2 at level 60.
  • Light Weapons: The Crippling Strike and Opportunist bonuses only work for light weapons. A light weapon is one which is one category size smaller than the character wielding it. For Opportunist and Crippling Strike, morningstars, light crossbows, and slings also count as light weapons.
  • Legendary Skill Points: Legendary Rogues receive +1 skill point per level per 10 non-legendary Rogue levels in legendary levels.
  • Trap Kits: There are a series of powerful custom trap kits in the module which require high Set Traps and Craft Traps skills to use.
  • Self Concealment: At 30 levels of rogue, characters may add a percentage of their Hide skill to their self concealment. The bonus is 5% for SC1 and proceeds to 9%, 12%, 14%, and 15%. The bonus is capped at 1% of Hide skill per level of rogue above 20 (hence, the cap begins at 10% at 30 levels of rogue and reaches its maximum of 15% at 35 levels of rogue).
    • Maximum concealment for rogues at 127 Hide skill is thus (10 + (127 * 0.05 = 6.3)) = 16.3% for SC1, (20 + (127 * 0.09 = 11.4)) = 33.4% for SC2, (30 + (127 * 0.12 = 15.2)) = 45.2% for SC3, (40 + (127 * 0.14 = 17.7)) = 57.7% for SC4, and (50 + (127 * 0.15 = 19.0)) = 69.0% for SC5.
  • Crippling Strike: At Rogue 30, the Crippling Strike feat increases critical threat ranges by 1 for light weapons, if the rogue is wearing light or no armor.
    • At Rogue 35, the Crippling Strike feat has a chance to increase the critical multiplier by 1 for light weapons, if the rogue is wearing light or no armor.
    • These bonuses don't stack with Overwhelming Critical or Devastating Critical.
  • Opportunist: At Rogue 25, the Rogue gets to add her BASE Intelligence ability modifier to all attack rolls with light weapons, this bonus cannot exceed +4 or ((Rogue level - 20) / 5). In addition, this feat provides a +1 attack bonus at Rogue 30, as long as the Rogue has at least 12 base Intelligence.
  • Skill Mastery: At Rogue 21, all skill penalties in the Hells are lowered to 2/3; at Rogue 31, they are lowered to 1/3; at Rogue 40, the Rogue suffers no skill penalties at all in the Hells.
  • Slippery Mind: At Rogue 31, Slippery Mind offers a reroll on all Will saves. Even without that ability, some non-spell Will saves are considered mind spells for purposes of Slippery Mind.
  • Sneak Attack Immunity Bypass: At Rogue 40, they ignore Sneak Attack immunity against nearly all opponents.
  • Crippling attack: As a swift action, the rogue can make a bonus attack with an attack bonus based off their Pick Pocket skill that deals damage based on their sneak attack feats. In addition, a successful attack will inflict damage reduction of 1/3 their rogue levels.
    • This attack is used through the taunt action after entering the command !opttauntpp.
    • This attack will deal 1d6 damage per 'regular' Sneak Attack feat, plus 4d6 damage per Improved Sneak Attack feat (to a maximum of 60d6).
    • The range on this attack is touch if a melee weapon is equipped, and will retain the regular taunt range if a ranged weapon is equipped.
  • Upgrade Picks: Control class Rogues can use the Simtools command !upgrade picks to give a pick stack a bonus of 1/10th rogue levels inc LL, the picks then become non-transferable but allows +18 (Rare) picks to be upgraded to +24 for a pure rogue and +21 (Ultrarare) to be upgraded to +24 for any control class rogue.

Rogue Types

With Self Conceal feats and easily obtainable gear these are exceptionally hard to kill in nearly all LL areas. In end game content such as the Hells, they will have some difficulty staying upright due to their inability to make STR checks. Hence it is worthwhile to invest spare stat points in STR to aid in making some of these checks. Apart from Sneak Attacks, rogues have no extra damage, so rogues with low STR will have extremely low damage output. They are still an excellent choice as a first character to explore the Hells with, not only because of how easy they are to keep alive, but also because of the high demand for characters with the ability to unlock traps and search for secrets. Most rogues will go pure, since pure rogues ignore immunity to sneak attacks, which is present on a lot of tougher enemies and bosses in the Hells. This kind of rogue can be easily built with any subrace giving a bonus to DEX, such as Kobold, Derrzagon, Atomie, Half-Fiend or Shadowswyft.

Due to their STR modifier damage output is marginally better than their DEX rogues, but it will still be very low compared to other classes. STR rogues usually invest ability points heavily in DEX to maintain good AC and to become mostly impervious to all STR and DEX checks faced throughout Legendary Level content. Again, pure rogues are usually favored since they completely ignore immunity to sneak attacks. STR rogues are best suited to the Kolyarut or Armand subraces.

Play Guide


Rogues have very good AC (130-140) and in addition can reach 69% (effectively 47%) concealment if they take the Self Conceal feats and max Hide. Together with feats like Improved Evasion and Epic Dodge, rogues become excellent at dodging attacks. Enemies will have a hard time landing an attacks on a rogue, much less killing them. The only worry for rogues are stat checks for non-uni builds. DEX builds with 8 base STR will be continually knocked down by Pit Fiends if they are not within the inner UUU radius. Uni rogues don't have this problem.

Damage Output

Decent rogue damage output is completely reliant on sneak attack damage, which is 20d6 of Phys damage for a pure rogue. Pure rogues can sneak attack any enemy in the game, so need to take advantage of this as much as possible. For sneak attacks to land, your enemy needs to be flatfooted (knocked down, stoned) or fighting another party member. The best way to achieve this on most enemies is simply to let them lock onto other tanks, then flank them and attack them from behind.

A forum post indicating important skill values to keep in mind for rogues: [1]

Rogue Skills [2]

  • Disable Trap: To be able to disable chest traps in the hardest areas of the mod you will need 127 Disable Trap.
63 - max skill at level 60
50 - items, song etc
2 - Synergy bonus from putting 5 points in Set Trap skill.
12 - INT modifier including bonus from items and Skill focus feats
127 - total
  • Open Lock: This is used in Legendary runs exclusively to open loot chests. Like Disable Trap, it needs to be maxed to 127. This doesn't usually require any feats as it uses your Dexterity modifier. In addition many chests will require lockpicks for you to be able to succesfully open them. +12 lockpicks can be bought in town, but +15's, +18's, +21's, and +24's (the last being required for BUR chests) mostly drop as loot from runs.
63 - max skill at level 60
50 - items, song etc
14 - DEX modifier bonus including bonus from items and Skill focus feats
127 - total
  • Search: Throughout all areas of the mod are special search spots that can be found if you have a high enough search skill. To be able to find secrets Search needs to be maxed to 127.
63 - max skill at level 60
50 - items, song etc
14 - INT modifier including bonus from items and Skill focus feats
127 - total

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