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Neverwinter Nights Screenshot instructions for MS Windows Operating System:

1. Hit your Print Screen key (on most keyboards it is right next to the F12 key)

2. Go to your Neverwinter Nights folder (default is C:\NeverwinterNights\NWN), you will find your screenshot there (In the form of NWNXXXXa.tga, where X's are numbers and a is a character which may or may not be there) a) If you find your screenshot, you can use photo editing software (Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro) to change the filetype to something smaller and more Internet-friendly. GIMP is a free editing program that has a tga plugin you can install to read/write tga files (outside of the scope of this tutorial). Otherwise... b) If the screenshot did not show up in your NWN directory, open up Paint (start > run > mspaint), and use the paste option (ctrl-v). Save the image somewhere that it can be found (preferably as a JPEG file for filesize purposes).

3. Upload to a photo sharing service for all to see. Some suggestions on that:

  • ImageShack: Filesize limit of 1.5MB, which you shouldn't hit unless you're saving your images as .BMP files or have a particularly high resolution. Several options for output--I usually choose the last entry, which is a direct link to the image.
  • Photobucket: No limit, but requires registration.
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