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Soup is the term used to describe a "kill zone" containing many AOE (Area of Effect) or "cloud" spells. Often this can be located at a constriction (corridor, one side of a door, narrowing in the path, etc.). Examples of such spells include:
- Creeping Doom
- Incendiary Cloud
- Mind Fog
- Grease
- Stonehold

The usual tactic is for a party to stand on the opposite side of the soup as the monsters, and fight the monsters inside the soup, rather than rushing through the soup, to confront the monsters (who have not yet hit the soup) thereby making the soup useless. When this happens, the monsters suffer the effects of the soup (damage or disability) making them easier pickings and killing them faster than without using the soup strategy.

Soup can be re-used repeatedly, although this usually meaning longer pulls.

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