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An appearance of a group of mobs, and in HG, always hostile (see Oinos for one example where this may not be true). The scripting in HG sets up spawn points in each area, such that when a player enters the spawn point, the mobs appear and become active. This technique saves server-side processing power by only running mob AI scripts when players are interacting with them.


  • "The next spawn is dangerous, so everyone get ready."
  • "Wait for everyone to buff before the next spawn."

A relatively common strategy with a party is to have one person leading, often called the spawner or puller. This person is responsible for spawning the right number of mobs. Often the rest of the party will set up a defensible position, and the spawner will be far ahead, grabbing the right number of spawns and leading them back. In particular dangerous places, having the whole party charge into the middle of a spawn can be deadly. Sometimes even pulling the entire spawn at once can be hazardous, so a good spawner will try to pull back as few as possible at once, for quick and relatively painless annihilation by the group, whereupon the spawner will go pull the next group. Alternately in places that are easy but have a large number of spawn points, the puller may venture far afield spawning and pulling as many mobs as possible back to the party -- this is known as massing.


  • "We'll set up a Wall here, everyone inside except the spawner."
  • "Let the person with high AC and implode immunity be the spawner."
  • "Let's rez Joe and then have Bob be the puller from now on."
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