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  • 1 - So which kind of build would ever use this all the time? Monks? Arcane casters? Clerics? Druids?

- Monks could, although if you're looking to maximize damage output you should use weapons instead. So that really only leaves it usable by fist monks. It saves you one skill to maximize (Parry) but against using the Serpents Coil its not an optimal trade-off especially as that one also gives implosion immunity and stat checks. - Clerics can use it as another layer of protection against wipe and to help tank with a monk splash. As they could get a revival with the Epic spell from necromancy then use several miracles in a row. (need confirmation) - Druids could use it to recover some epic or paragon spell mid fight (while enjoying the critical immunity) but is less impressive than for clerics as druids don't need to keep enemies under their spells but could tank better than clerics due tortoise shell and higher AC. (need confirmation)

  • 2 - Do people rest with it to save up on rest ring charge / use more epics?

- Yes but only if you're likely to run close to using all your rests on a run or there's a fight where you'll need to get them back fast without porting to the rest zone.

  • 3 - So it's safe to say it's underpowered artifact? Even more so due the the inclusion of +16 stats?

- Well it got +20 Deflection AC but the lack of stats is underwhelming.

  • 4 - What exactly does critical immunity prevent? (Please complete the list)

- Vorpal Effects like devastating blow. - Greater Ruin. - some spell... (which?)

  • 5 - What uses does the CL 60 Bestow Curse have? It won't have any use for DC, right?

- 12 SR drop is one. - May give AoE BC with the Abyss helm (need confirmation)

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