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Resistances: Fire, Electrical, Sonic, Magical and Positive

General Notes

  • The run is a free rest zone, Immortal characters will not fugue or limbo in the Toyshop.
  • Acid damage works well in this place

Spawn Structure

Spawns are not dynamic in that the numbers and types of creatures do not scale with player group size, paragon type creatures do not spawn in this area.


The Toyshop areas can be reached by Town of Ascension -> Abandoned Farm -> Fields -> Enter Cave.

Supply Mine

Must kill every monster on the way to proceed to the next map. If they despawn, the way is blocked.


- Minogon (steel Minotaur construct) - Have a special attack that reduces AC

- Crosbowman (Missile Gnome) - Tumble check with DC 70. They have 1 healing potion.

- Mine Grinder (Machine like Construct) - Special damage attack + Strength check DC 25.

- Steam Mephit (Mephit) - Curse Song + A conic flame attack with reflex save vs. fire DC52.

- Mine Transporter (Spider like Construct)

- Mine Cutter (Mine machine Construct) - Inflict internal damage (damage every round), need heal with 41 levels to heal that (Cleric or Myco Item "Impulse to Procreate" helps)

- Spinning Wheel (Wheel like Construct) - INT Check DC 25 vs. Confusion

- Grenadiers (Melee Gnomes). They have 1 healing potion.

- Scarecrow (Scarecrow like animated spellcasting construct) - Spells, including highlevel Powerword Stun

- Liquid Steel (Ooze) - Grapple Check vs. dominate DC55. A high level Freedom of Movement spell helps.

Outer Workshop

You need the Foreman's Keycard to proceed.


- Clockwork Guardian (Robot like Constructs) - Reflex Save DC46. Mangling blow (special damage inflicting ability)

- Oil Fiend - Dexterity check DC27

- Oil Snake - Discipline Check DC70 vs. Disarm. Can reduce Discipline and Fire immunity (stacking)

- Grenadier

- Crossbowman

- Liquid Steel

- Anbaric Force (Lightning Elemental) - Magical, Electrical Kickback. They have 80 % conceal.

- Prime Mover (Steam Elemental) - Sonic, Fire, Positive kickback. They have 80% conceal.

- Codex Artefem (Book like spellcasting construct) - Casts disintegrate that requires a 41+ cleric to resurect the dead

- The Foreman (Gnome): Attack with Physical, Electrical, Positive. This Miniboss drops a keycard which allows access to the final area.

Inner Workshop

No port in zone.

A random mini-boss, the Sphere of Annihilation, can spawn at the start of this map and when killed drops the much coveted Portable Hole. However it will not spawn if anyone over level 54 was party at any point during the run. This is why most Toyshop runs are called with a maximum level of 54. Shackling at Rowan's Guardian in town is acceptable.

  • This mini boss only takes damage from Negative.

After the first spawn is a bridge with a lever: One PC must pull the lever while the others are on the bridge, they get some Fire & Positive damage and can then open the next door.

...To the Toymaker!

Note:The person that pulls the lever is stuck and they can only exit the area by going back to the Outer Workshop and porting to lead or using a Gem of Teleportation after the fight is over, the only way for them to be involved in the boss fight is if they have access to an Apport Arcane or Stone of Succor, therefore it is best to leave your least effective character to the lever pulling duty.

Strategy and Tactics

Many stats and skills checks: Try to cover these and try to take monsters down with missiles and spells before they can get into the melee.

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