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Human name: Niilo Van Steinburg
Player IDs: NiiloVanSteinburg, BrutalEnvisioning, ObservantLinguini

Character List:

Name Level Role Class(es)
Fenia Witc-HC-raftbane 57 Caster Cleric Clr57
Phorik Bus-HC-raft 43 Zen Ranger Rgr43
Stirling the Fort-HC-oming 44 Uni Paladin Pal44
Peisinoe the Myt-HC-hanter 40 Support Bard Brd39/Pal1
Malina Lhûg As-HC-law 40 Dragonstorm Mage BDD21/Sor19
Vernus the Dra-HC-onian 40 STR Tank GDD30/Blk6/Brd4
Aiken Hig-HC-edar 40 Caster Druid Drd38/Pal1/Mnk1
Roharren the Deat-HC-aller 35 Nuker Wiz35
M'shar the Arc-HC-ampion 35 STR Tank WpM25/Ftr8/Bbn2
R-HC- Fizzlegrubb, Conjurer of Cheaper Tricks 35 Goblin Conjurer Specialist! Wiz35
Karasht Fles-HC-leaver 35 DPS Tank Bbn28/WDD6/Brd1
Warryn Flas-HC-harm 35 Support Theurge Wiz24/Clr11
Vhashasos Stealt-HC-loud 30 Crossbow Rogue Rog30
Daikyu Deadeye of the Fift-HC-olumn 5 Arcane Archer Mnk5

Deceased Characters (Most Recent Death First):

Name Level Role Class(es) Circumstances of Death
Dalendel Hig-HC-unning 40 DEX Tank Shd30/Ftr6/Rog4 Overconfident in his ability to dodge attacks, Dalendel was cut down by the Ssithrak in the Drowned City.
R-HC- Kagdish the Hobbit-mangler 16 STR Tank Ftr16 This deep orc was filled with adrenaline after single-handedly destroying the East Road Bandit Chief and his minions. Shortly thereafter, the overconfident fighter was surrounded by bandits and, unable to run away, ran out of heal potions and died.
R-HC- Fizzlegrub, Conjurer of Cheap Tricks 3 Goblin Conjurer Specialist! Wiz3 Fizzlegrub and his fellow gobbo wizard friend had just bested the dreaded Half-Orc Bandit Chief. On their way home for a celebratory drink, they were surrounded by more half-orcs! His friend went down and Fizz had no way to help him. Thinking somewhat quickly, he ran back to town, narrowly dodging the nasty firebeetles, and entered the Wondrous Items shop out of breath. Selling everything in his inventory, he was able to buy a single raise dead scroll. He ran back, worried that he'd be too late. Using his summons to distract the many, many spawns in the area, he quickly sneaked toward his friend's body. Alas!, Elrin's ferocious boar came running out of nowhere and headed straight for Fizzlegrub! Panicked, the goblin ran to his friend's body, pulled out the scroll, started reading, and promptly got cut down by no less than 53 half-orcs.
Theia the Deat-HC-aller 22 Nuker Wiz22 Famous last words: "It's safe to rest in the formian caves, right? No? Well, I know it's possible, and I have a scroll of greater sanctuary in case I spawn something."
Sahalla the Deat-HC-aller 9 Nuker Wiz9 Eager to pad her spell book with ill-gotten scrolls, Sahalla invisibly sneaked into the upper levels of the Strange Tower. She grabbed every scroll from the first book-case, then realized there was a second book-case farther in. "But there are soldiers in that room... no matter, I'm invisible, I'll just grab them and go!"
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