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General Information

Why Littlekins? I have no idea. Just popped into my head on an early character and when I realized I wanted to use a common name to identify my characters, I rather randomly chose that one. In retrospect something more fantasy-ish might have been appropriate. Oh well, too late now.

One of my early characters was named Yomi, after an abreviation of "Youko Mishima" since it was a cheese bard. I've been using that name on the Wiki and Forums, and get called either that or 'Kins'.


Member of Guild Sheinja.

Also the ACM, IEEE, SPIE, AMS, AIAA, and SCCA.



Level Name What Account
Demi x5 Takasi Dex Lifethreader Littlekins_Koly
Demi x5 Dhajar DD/RDD Littlekins_Howler
Demi x5 Hafiz'Asad Dex Ranger Littlekins_Koly [Wemic]
Demi x5 Drambuie Hybrid dex monk Littlekins_Zen
Demi x4 Skiira CoT Littlekins_HA
Demi x3 Glethnir Str Monk Littlekins_Zen
Demi x3 Tevia standard AA Littlekins_Erinyes
Demi x3 Elia Dex HS/Monk Littlekins_Erinyes
Demi x3 Lisetti Rogue Littlekins_Koly
Demi x3 Ellaester Pariah Littlekins_RG [Maelephant]
Demi x2 Yfreeti Caster bard sti15
Demi x2 Daci Shifter Littlekins_dopple
Demi x2 Ilja HC Caster Cleric sti15
Demi x2 Rijita Wizard / AA Littlekins_Erinyes
Demi x2 Argali Dex Assassin Littlekins_Koly [Brownie]
Demi x2 Jasaii Unitank WM Littlekins_Koly
Demigod Dharfal Planewalker DD/RDD sti15
Demigod Lyra HC Wisdom Druid sti15
Demigod Liseri Shifter Littlekins_dopple
60 Pildod Zen Ranger Littlekins_dopple
60 Kata Cheese Sorc sti15
60 Iltia FA Caster Cleric Littlekins
60 Iskra Illithid Wiz sti15
60 Erzsebet Insane caster bard Littlekins
60 Vroshi PM Rogue Littlekins
60 Ruoska Lasher Littlekins_HA
60 Nadir Afshar Bloodfire Mage sti15
60 Rosencrantz 59/1 Turner sti15
60 Yomi Dex Bard sti15
58+ Katya Cheese Sorc Littlekins_RG
58 Trasi Str Lifethreader sti15
57 Feriti Illithid Wizard Littlekins
50 Lyrae Druid Littlekins
49 Noctros Barbarian sti15
46 Corti RDD/WM Littlekins
46 Mirik PW Dex Monk sti15
46 Nagali Dragon Druid Littlekins_dopple
45 Ba'Ti HC Battle Cleric M sti15
45 Azi Baneknight sti15
45 Skraug Barbarian Littlekins_Koly
41 Mestari Paladin sti15


Level Name What Account
60 Tiva PW standard AA sti15
60 Ilta FA Caster Cleric sti15
60 Yumii Halfling Death sti15
60 Liisi Halfling Death sti15
60 Katia Cheese Sorc Littlekins
60 Takaasi Dex Lifethreader Littlekins_Erinyes
56 Dhamal DD/RDD Littlekins_Howler
56 Yleria Str Bard/PM/RDD sti15
56+ Rylta Wizard / AA sti15
56 Tova standard AA sti15
53 Simi Shifter sti15
49 Threll Mino Fighter sti15
48 Kini Mino Caster Cleric Littlekins
47 Kyra Cheese Sorc sti15
47 Skreeling Dex WM sti15
42 Ronja Sorc / AA sti15

In addition to 6 or so other non-bank characters.

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