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Monster Name (Paragon Name)

Race: What type of creature this is. This is important for Turners and Rangers. HP: (optional) Estimated total HP SP: (optional) Creature's spell penetration score SR: Spell Resistance TR: Turn Resistance and type if not Outsider
AB: Attack Bonus AC: Armour Class Saves: F Fortitude Save / R Reflex Save / W Will Save Conceal: What percentage concealment a creature has, this is pre-blindfight/listen. KB: Whether the creature has kickback, and if so what element/exotics it consists of, and whether or not it is (area-wide) (every time you hit it, everyone in the party gets hit back) or (personal) (just the hitter gets hit back).
Takes: What damages the monster is most vulnerable to (such as Acid, Cold, Electrical, Fire, Sonic, Divine, Magical, Negative, or Positive). Heals: This is the damage type (can be an element or exotic) that heals the Superior and Elite versions of this is monster. For the normal and paragon creatures, it is irrelevant. Deals: This are the main damage types dealt by this monster
Misc Imm: Non-spell immunities possessed by this monster. Examples include: Critical Hits, Death Magic, Mind Spells, Petrification, KD
Spell Imm: Spell Immunities possessed by the monsters. Examples include: Drown, Implode, Disintegrate, Forceful Hand, Grasping Hand, Clenched Hand, Crushing Hand.
Special Abilities: This lists any special abilities the creature has, such as stun, KD or slag (there are many others) abilities, and the DC at which these checks are made.
Occurs in: This lists on which layers of the hells, or as a random spawn, this creature can occur.
This details how to deal with this creature, whether they are a high priority target and sometimes further explanation of any special abilities.

Notes on special abilities specific to the Paragon versions of this creature.
The creature's description, as is found when you examine the creature.
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