Ranger Bows

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All have +16 attack bonus, Mighty +16, grant an extra attack each round, Craft Weapon +10, Listen +10, Search +10, Spot +10, create their own custom ammo, and are only usable by a character with at least one ranger level and the tag for the area they come from. Elemental damage increases with Ranger levels in a similar manner to AA bows albeit capped at 8d8 although as Rangers generally focus on Called Shots the lower damage output compared to AA bows is not generally an issue.

Name Level Attack Bonus Damage Types Other
Hellebore Uroboros +16 2d12 Cold, Positive, Piercing
Tormentil Uroboros +16 2d12 Elec, Divine, Piercing
Mandrake Uroboros +16 2d12 Acid, Magic, Piercing
Verbena PoM +16 2d12 Fire, Negative, Piercing
Dionaea Hive +16 2d12 Sonic, Divine, Piercing
Legendary Ranger Bow Rona +16 Depends upon which bow is active
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