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These are the Arcane Epic Spells.

For the most up to date information, see the HG Forum Post.

You must have 25 levels of palemaster, sorcerer, or wizard in order to learn these spells, be level 40, have the epic spell focus feat in the spell's school, and find someone or something to teach you the spell.

Conjuration: Bigby Swarm

  • Description: The conjurer's revenge! Normally a conjurer cannot shape the magical forces needed to shape a spell of this type, but the Ancients found a way. Drawing on the most intricate gestures and convoluted phrases in the conjurer's repertoire, the caster's reach extends beyond this plane of existence, into countless others, enabling him to call creatures from places where the laws of nature we know are warped and twisted, and places seemingly absurd - for in a multiverse of infinite planes, all things that can exist must. This spell seeks out one such plane, filled with 'Bigbys', and opens a portal near his foes, through which the ravenous creatures immediately pounce, and set to devouring them.
  • Effect: All enemies in a Large radius are struck by Bigby's Crushing Hand, ignoring SR and lasting for CL rounds (duration includes paragon levels).

Divination: Contingency

  • Description: A most potent arcane spell, Contingency allows the caster to achieve a feat so terrible that few would even contemplate it. Drawing on every trick of his trade, the caster scryes his own death...and then freezes the moment long enough to revive himself and cast spells of warding.
  • Effect: Once the spell is cast, the next time the caster dies, he will instantaneously be brought back to full health, cured of all ill effects, and then instantly buffed with every spell stored in his autocaster.

Necromancy: Death of Magic

  • Description: True masters of the necromantic arts learn not only to perceive and snuff out the life force in living things, but to see the larger web of life in which all living things are linked, their lifethreads intertwining with those of other beings and with the planet itself. From this commingling comes the raw magical energy used to shape spells. While the life-threads of the planet are too immense for for any mortal to sever, the greatest necromancers of the Academy divined a way to 'pluck' at certain threads in such a manner as to cause a recoil in those threads, sending them careening away from the effected area for a short while, rendering it magic-dead.
  • Effect: All non-epic magic ceases to function in the entire area for 4 rounds for everyone not in the caster's party. Note: It does not prevent newly-spawned monsters from invoking their autocasts (though it will prevent further casting after that point, as normal).

Enchantment: Ensnare True Denizen

  • Description: Conjurers have always found it impossible to conjure up the greatest, most infernal beings of the lower planes. They are too mighty, and their link to their plane too strong - only by their own will can they leave it. Therein lies the key to this spell. Rather than forcing and containing such a creature, the greatest Enchanter in Axeria learned to beguile and confuse them, making them believe that they were rushing to face their hated foes in the neverending blood feud between demon and devil.
  • Effect: Summons a Balor from the Abyss to aid the caster in combat for (CL / 2) rounds (duration includes paragon levels). The Balor scales in power as the caster gains casterlevels, surpassing even the greatest that can be summoned by the Planar Binding/Ally spells.

Abjuration: Mass Spell Destruction

  • Description: This spell, unlike most abjuration spells, is brutally direct. It lashes out indiscriminately, attempting to destroy every dweomer in a the area of effect.
  • Effect: - All enemies in a Huge radius are struck by a dispel effect at 20 levels higher than the caster's normal level. All enemies struck have their concealment reduced by 10% for 10 rounds, plus 1 round per 4 caster levels above 40. All enemies struck have their SR reduced by 4 + (Abj foci * 2) for 10 rounds, plus 1 round per 4 caster levels above 40. All enemies struck suffer an aura-suppression effect for 4 + (Abj foci * 2) rounds. Both duration and dispel level include paragon levels in their calculation.

Evocation: Missile Barrage

  • Description: Long before Isaac's time, the casters of the Axerian Empire had perfected this most deadly spell. It was from tattered fragments of one of the few scrolls on which it was scribed that he was able to reconstruct, to an extent, the effect of this spell. His efforts, however painstaking, unfortunately produced only pale imitations.
  • Effect: Invokes an Isaac's Greater Missile Storm-type barrage of 20 missiles, striking targets for 8d6 points of Force damage each. Force damage is similar to Magic damage, but only respects half of a target's Magic damage immunity, and does not respect Magic damage resistance.

Illusion: Starfire

  • Description: Deeply dissatisfied with his school's inability to cause 'real' physical change in the world, Akir de'Bat, the greatest Illusionist of the Acedemy, continually pushed the limits of phantasmal energy. His greatest creation, and his last, was this spell, for its discovery drove him utterly mad. In his quest for the 'real', he discovered enchantments so powerful that they could bind the caster's perception of reality, as well as the victim's. This spell creates the irrefutable impression in the caster that he is opening, for a brief instant, a portal to the heart of the Sun, unleashing its tremendous fury on his enemies. The caster's absolute conviction apparently denies his foes any chance of disbelief. Whether it actually DOES open a portal to the center of the Sun, no one will ever know, but the effects of the spell are undeniable.
  • Effect: All enemies in a Gargantuan radius around the target point receive (CLd6 * 3) magical damage, and are knocked down for 2 rounds. This spell cannot be Evaded, but enemies may make a DC (30 + caster modifier) Reflex save for half damage. This spell is guaranteed to always do at least some damage. Both duration and damage include paragon levels in their calculation.

Transmutation: Transmute Barrier

  • Description: For years now the elusive goal, the crown gem of transmutation has been the ability to transmute lead into gold, transforming one fundamental building block of the universe into another. Axerian Transmuters scoffed at such petty pursuits, however, having long such mastered them, and achieved tasks far more daunting. They were able to transmute not only solid-state element to solid-state element, but gas-state element to solid -state element, somehow tapping the immense energies stored in these basic building blocks. This spell is one of the more practical extensions of that ability, transmuting the very air around the caster into solid obsidian walls.
  • Effect: Creates a Large ring of stone walls around the caster, which persist for CL rounds (duration includes paragon levels). Note: Creatures in some Legenday Level areas have a disrupting effect on the structure of the wall causing it to break down more quickly when they come into contact with it. Casting loot breaking spells (as noted in their descriptions) or effects (eg XDD dragon breath) in the vicinity of the wall will instantly break the wall however similar spells/effects from creatures will not.
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