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Casters on Higher Ground have the ability to learn truly epic spells. These spells may only be obtained by those with the greatest of prowess: 25 caster levels, 40 total character levels, and Epic Spell Focus in the appropriate school. They are not learned naturally -- the caster must visit the ruins of the Arcane Academy and read the stone tablets of the appropriate schools to learn their spells.

School Arcane Bard Cleric Druid
Abjuration Mass Spell Destruction Chant of Warding Aegis Nature's Frailty
Conjuration Bigby Swarm Calling of the Heart Annihilation Shroud of Nature
Divination Contingency Winter is Coming Miracle Primal Cataclysm
Enchantment Ensnare True Denizen Hear me Roar Girding of the Faithful Call Earthchild
Evocation Missile Barrage Cry of the Heavens Conversion Immutable Force
Illusion Starfire Possum's Farce Visage of Doom Veil of Mists
Necromancy Death of Magic Dirge of the Deathless Eternal Return Dust to Dust
Transmutation Transmute Barrier Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken Instruments of Faith Elemental Shunt
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