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Fighters are a diverse group of soldiers, warriors and criminals each with vastly different motivations and skills. Their prowess in all manner of weapon is unrivaled, and their combat training makes them very effective on the field of battle. Many classes splash a few levels in Fighter for an AB boost or bonus feats, but those who dedicate themselves to the training receive unique benefits.


HG Customization

  • Forum Class Ability Board
  • Ability Conversion: Characters with at least 22 levels of Fighter may exchange Epic Prowess feats for Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution points, by using the PC Scry. A character who converts feats in this manner can no longer delevel using the town priest, therefore if you make a mistake in your build you will need to reincarnate to fix it. Upon reaching character level 42 (in legendary levels), the swap is no longer available.
    • Legendary Fighters gain +1 to Strength at legendary levels 45 and 55.
    • Legendary Fighters gain +1 to Dexterity at legendary levels 50 and 60.
  • Greater Feats: At Fighter 41, characters gain greater versions of the Disarm, Knockdown, and Parry feats for free, if they have the Improved version of the matching feat.
    • Greater Disarm (requires Improved Disarm feat): The targeted creature must succeed on a discipline check against ((2 * (Fighter level including LL)) - 5) or suffer a penalty of -1 AB per 6 Fighter levels including LL for 10 rounds. May be used 5 times per day.
    • Greater Knockdown (requires Improved Knockdown feat): All enemies in a medium radius around the fighter must succeed in a discipline check against (2 * Fighter level including LL) or be knocked down for 3 rounds. May be used 3 times per day.
    • Greater Parry (requires Improved Parry feat): Using the Greater Parry ability will make you invincible for 1 round per 10 fighter levels, including legendary levels. May be used once per day and is a swift action.
  • Advanced Defense: At Fighter 21, characters receive a second concealment from Parry Skill. In addition to the normal concealment check, opponents must then also overcome another check of (Parry skill / 4)% concealment. This second concealment is not affected by blind-fight, and when it activates, shows as 100% concealment.
  • Skills: Upon becoming a legendary fighter at level 41, a fighter may take Listen as a class skill.
  • Warrior's Whetstone: Twice per day, the figher may use the stone to 'sharpen' their weapons. This has two effects.
    • First, if targeting himself or one of his weapons, it will add a temporary keen property to it.
    • Second, it will grant the target a damage bonus with all of their weapons, equal to figher level divided by 4 (including LL if control class is fighter), to a maximum of 15 at level 60. If the target is someone other than the fighter using the whetstone, that bonus is halved. Duration is 2 hours per fighter level, or 120 hours maximum. This effect is lost upon death.
  • Epic Dodge: At Fighter 30, characters receive the Epic Dodge feat for free. Once they have gained this feat they cannot delevel.
  • Weapon Specialization: Two additional feats can be taken Legendary Weapon Specialization & Paragon Weapon Specialization adding a cumulative +6 and +8 to damage with the specified weapon. When combined with the basic and epic feats this gives a total of +20 additional physical damage per hit. Whilst these additional feats are not restricted to fighters only unless you have taken the prerequisite enabling feats they will not be available.
  • Whirlwind Attack: Legendary Fighters with Whirlwind or Improved Whirlwind feats receive an enhanced version of the ability. When using either one, the Fighter will perform a second set of attacks, separate from the whirl. Every enemy hit by this round of attacks will suffer 10% vulnerability to all physical damage for 2 rounds. This increases to 15% vulnerability if the fighter has the Improved Power Attack feat.

Fighter Types

For those specializing as a Fighter, the last new benefit available to the class is Epic Dodge at 30 Fighter levels. Beyond this point, additional fighter levels only increase the effectiveness of your Greater combat feats and your Whetstone. As such, there are two general approaches to building characters with a Fighter control class:

These builds revolve around effectively using the Fighter Greater combat abilities by taking a full 40 levels of Fighter, resulting in effective tanks that do an average amount of damage.

By splashing either a defensive or offensive class, the fighter augments their abilities to learn some new tricks.


  • It is worth picking up the class secret item Crown of Swords as the temporary 15% physical immunity boost this gives can be very useful for boss fights and sticky situations.

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