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The Higher Ground Enhanced hak is a replacement for several default CEP hak and tlk files which will improve your Higher Ground experience.



Using the hak, you will have the following benefits:

  • The ability to see a large number of additional VFX (list).
  • The ability to use any metamagic feat you possess on any spell you can cast, even if it would not have an effect, so you may use additional spell slots of higher levels to memorize lower-level spells.
  • Enhanced descriptions, showing Higher Ground specific changes (thanks to Bhao and his amazing description hak, which is being integrated).
  • Additional quickchats which can be bound with the SIMTools !voicebind command.

Future Plans

Additional future planned or possible benefits include:

  • New spells and feats.
  • Even more visual effects.
  • More appearances (both player and monster).

Seamless Fallback

Higher Ground has 'seamless fallback'. This means people without the Enhanced Hak can still play. However, if you create a character using abilities (especially spells and feats) gained from the Enhanced Hak, you may find yourself unable to use them without the hak.


If, when you log in, your entire field of vision is filled with a red visual effect, this means your version of the hak is out of date. Please refer to this page or the Higher Ground Forums for an update.

The Higher Ground Enhanced hak is currently in BETA. Please do not download it if you are unwilling to risk additional crashes, possible corruption of your NWN installation, or the end of all life as we know it.


The hak comes in two variants. One variant has the Aenea GUI installed, and the other does not. If you do download the GUI version, you will need to download the override file as well, and install the files in there in the override directory underneath your NWN directory.

After you download the hak, unrar it. Put the hak file in your NWN/hak folder, and the two tlk files in your NWN/tlk folder. You may then use the !enhmode SIMTools command to activate Enhanced Mode.

You can gain access to additional quickchats by downloading the quickchat.gff file below and placing it in your override directory.


Alternate download sites are available if you have issues with the primary. Also note that there is no longer a separate ooze-fix version. Any of the downloads below include the ooze-fix, and will not break NWN if you do not require the ooze-fix.

Higher Ground Enhanced - Standard - BETA 28
Higher Ground Enhanced - GUI - BETA 28
Higher Ground Enhanced - Override Files - BETA 18+ (Only needed for GUI)
Higher Ground Enhanced - Additional Quickchats - BETA 21+ (Needed for additional quickchats)
Higher Ground Enhanced - Modified Client Executable Changes

Higher Ground Updater

The Higher Ground Updater program allows Windows and Linux users to update HG Enhanced quickly by only downloading changed files. Unzip the below download directly into your Neverwinter Nights folder, then follow the directions for your operating system.

In addition, the Updater will give you the option after the HG Enhanced update is complete to also download any CEP updates.

Updater Download

Higher Ground Enhanced Updater

Windows Users

  • Standard: Double-click HGE_Update_Standard, then follow the prompts.
  • GUI: Double-click HGE_Update_GUI, then follow the prompts.

Linux Users

  • Standard: Run ./erf.linux -vm http://hge.hgweb.org/man/hges.txt in your Neverwinter Nights directory, then follow the prompts.
  • GUI: Run ./erf.linux -vm http://hge.hgweb.org/man/hgeg.txt in your Neverwinter Nights directory, then follow the prompts.
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